Do you think you are about to be spanked

Today is a collection of photos that might answer the title's question....

Consider, does your partner usually sit on a chair holding aleather paddle just because she likes the feel of it...When the air partially covers her face, and she scowls at you holding a hard plastic long brush.. is she thinking sweet thoughts of spanking you..
The scenario that hse is patting her open hand with a paddle, while sitting on a chair...indicate anything to you...whereas, when she is holding a paddle hair brush, and pinting at her lap while sitting on the bed...or sitting on a chairyour surprised comment that you did not know you were about to be spanked simply astonishs her...but don't worry, you will be spanked....NowHappy Spankings


Njspank said...

Lady with the brush is my first choice but will go over any of these laps

Anonymous said...

I really like what you do on here. Very high quality site.

RedRump said...

Okay, Red, that 6th picture (the girl on the bed) has to be one of the hottest I've seen in awhile. Is it the shot actually intended to be about spanking? The manner in which she is holding that brush certainly suggests that was the intention.

Anonymous said...

my wife likes to give erotic spankings. They are always bare hand spankings with me bare naked (many times she is also). Sometimes I honestly don't know I am about to be spanked because she will inform me that I 'might" recieve a punishment, then moves on to other things. We'll be in bed and she'll sit up and say "GET OVER MY KNEE!" I then scramble to comply. Then I receive a stern hand spanking. I am so grateful afterwards that I please her any way she wants and for as long as she wants. Pleasing her gives me the biggest erection.

Red said...

njspank: I imagine you would go over most women's laps... I might be so inclined, but only if Cindy were present and gave her permission.. unlikely at best

Anon: thanks, and leave more comments whenever the mood strikes, or should i say the hair brush spanks

RedRump: it is exceptionally well posed, and i think she is gorgeous..

anon: wonderful lifestyle... I agree 100% with what you have written. I would love it if you got a blogger account with a fictitious name, and wrote more about your lifestyle... and have you ever been spanked as discipline???

happy spankings

Banjo said...

Wow! I love these sort of 'POV' pictures!

The sixth is easily my favourite, even though it's the only "non-spanking" picture of the lot. It's actually a very well 'doctored' photo of Lindsay Lohan (back at the height of her hotness)... the hairbrush has (sadly) been added. She's still stunning, though, and the photo just screams "spanking" nonetheless. One of my fave pics *ever* of her, which is how I instantly recognised it. :)

Of the other pics, my fave is #3 (she looks genuinely cross!) while #2 looks like a really cute little 'spitfire girlfriend' type to me.

Red said...

Banjo; Thanks for commenting, and thanks for letting everyone know of the doctored photo of Lindsay Lohan. I only have seen photos of her in a rather disreputable appearance... love the spitfire comment..she does look exactly like the word implies
happy spankings, and keep up your great work...