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1.Bobbie Jo: "You had to forgot to get the entree. You just had to forget the prime rib entree! You are so going to hurt for that! Reply: apparently it will be roasted bottom and humble pie for display tonight!

2. Njspank: Wow, that is some lap and love the pre dinner spanking scene Reply: great picture, wonder what it was attached to...

3. Hermione:
How many times do I have to tell you, the forks go on the LEFT side. Reply: I never know, but then left handed people often disagree with right handed people...

Innocent seated lady "You Wife seems very angry with you spilling the wine, but why is She going to get a something plug?. there's no wine left in the bottle". Reply: quiver quiver

5. mysster
: "I'll talk to you after they've come and left. You've done it this time. And you'll feel what you deserve." Reply: Yes Ma'am

: I would have made him keep his trousers down but it might put us off our dinner, after we've eaten we can all examine his marks. Reply: Yes, we all would prefer the sight of a bare woman's bottom, not his!!

"I do NOT look like Hillary Clinton!"......Reply: but that is Bill in the corner, where he sometimes deserves to be

"I told you to tell friends dinner was Friday, not Saturday"
Ronnie xx

Answer: WOW... that would result in a very special attention getting spanking.. to be certain.. seems almost like a good idea... key word being ALMOST a good idea.. Thanks Ronnie

happy spankings

Thank you to everyone, and still feel free to leave a comment. It is fun to have interaction on my blog.
Happy spankings


First a smile, then spanking and TGIF

Well, another long week being retired... I don't know when I will be finished booking all those vacations we are planning... ... (are you smiling at my excessive workload...SPANKING: we had a small little tiff yesterday, with Cindy being clearly wrong! She agreed, and turned around and waggled her bottom at me for a couple of spanks. Being the proper gentleman that I am, i first lowered her pants and panties, and then pulled her gently over my lap as a chair was immediately nearby. She started to protest, but a few rapid spanks had her more concentrating on her unprotected alluring bottom... than complaining. I only gave her ten spanks, but it was only a trifling tiff, and both of us were happy with the problem being solved....So Remember what TGIF stands for when next you are consoling your wife after a little spanking....Have a happy spanking weekendRed


photo time imagination

A bargain is a bargain...Do you like my paddle?and how is your education progressing?
seems you getting roasted welland now you can do some cleaning for me..Happy Spankings


A great photo: write the caption

This photo can let you have fun, by conjuring up what is happening in the scene....The table is set, he is standing in the corner, so what might the discussion have been just before the photo was taken???
happy spankings


wet shirt contest winner ! WOW

Just what were you expecting actually....
oh, maybe something spanking related was what you were expecting...oops...and now for the fun...Happy Spankings


video now is attached: fun video - trying on shoes

this is for everyone to have a good belly laugh... The just for Gags guys and gals have so many funny videos... The video is at the bottom of the posting...

What would you do in this situation. but you now have had a chance by watching the video to think about it.. and would your reaction be different if it was a young handsome 20 something attractive male, and you were a female..ooops
and the inevitable Happy Spanking



A few minor health problems for the last few days has slowed us down. Instead of my back causing problems, Cindy's back was. Not having a problem with a back, I slipped on a stairway, and injured my ankle and knee slightly.

Yesterday, we were both feeling quite a bit better, so we had some fun. It has been a long time since I was spanked, and Cindy decided it was time to play catch-up. Cindy first took a leisurely bath, then dressed in sexy lingerie, and called me to the bedroom.

After some fondling and necking, and Cindy admiring the panties I had on (she said that she had almost put on the identical ones) Cindy decided it was spanking time. Her choice was the carpet Beater, and the small (for show,not for playing) wooden hurley stick.I was to kneel on our bed, which is quite a high bed. Bare bottomed of course. This would be the kneeling position, but I could not find any on a bed.This position helped protect Cindy's back, as she immediately started swinging the carpet beater, without any warm-up, and remarking that she was enjoying the results. It does not seem that harsh to me, but it's gradual fire allows many more spanks, and it has a residual fire that has yet to be quenched more than 24 hours later.

Cindy probably did about thirty or more strokes, before switching to the awful hurley stick.... It is bad at any time, but when you are on all fours, the skin is taut and the only fat around in my stomach, not my bottom.

Every stroke resulted in a loud OWW, and the foot dancing was in full swing in no time. Cindy explained why I was being spanked, saying I have been too dominating lately, and she intends to correct that aspect of my behavior. (Not the right paddle.. a much harder wooden striking stick..and I was at the end of the bed so Cindy was standing)Another six spanks or more, and then Cindy stated that the spanking was finished.

We then cuddled and caressed, a little oral,some playing around with a vibrator, followed by more mutual oral and then f.....g fabulous climaxes.

It can't get any better than this.

Being at the gym today, I saw after my shower that a large part of my bottom was still red...OOPS!

Sitting her writing this posting, I can well feel the heat.

If you have any spanking desires, we highly recommend it. However, remember that when we started it was my desire to be the spanker, but Cindy had no desire to be spanked. I am so very happy that I have learned to love being spanked, and that Cindy has learned to love spanking me.

Happy Spankings


spanky's spanking blog

A blog worth reading is posted and written by Spanky.

Here is his description:

Bright Bottom gives my humorous perspective on things I don't understand: my spanko wife, Kallisto, our consensual spanking, B/D, and D/s relationship, and the rest of TTWD. A lot of other fun and kinky stuff I don't understand pops up here too. Maybe you can be the one to explain it to me.

Spanky started this blog in November 2011, and it is definitely a CONSENSUAL M/F blog... Nice to have a man's perspective on spanking his wife, who enjoys being spanked.

It can be irreverent, and I like that in a blog. You will also see many photos of women having their bottoms spanked. Always an enjoyable time.Spanky has been posting about different spanking positions. I have included a few for when he gets to these positions.
Happy Spankings, whatever side of the brush you find yourself on.


removing feature of popular posts

This is a no win situation.... Having the feature means new people to the blog click on these posts, as they are listed as the most popular. It does not mean the reader may stay there more than a few seconds. However, being on the list means they are probably clicked on more than any other individual post. Thus, by being on the list, they therefore will be on the list forever....There is either much more or much less to this blog than any individual post. Thus, if you are new to the blog, and INTERESTED, I suggest you simply click somewhere on any year(and the months will appear) or on one of this years months to see the titles for the month.I doubt I can ever put this feature on for quite some time, as the options are in the past month or the last seven days. The items on the list have not changed since I included the popular posts, so they have probably built large numbers, that any new post could not overtake.....does that make sense...The next drawing is from Otto's spanking blogspankingsred


Ms Clara Hewitt

I recently received a very gracious email from Ms Clara Hewitt, who was alerting me to her blog.

Ms Hewitt is a professional disciplinarian, who lives in Kent, England. Rather unfortunate for us Americans, if you do not travel a lot.The reason I am posting about this blog, is I think many spanking enthusiasts would find it interesting to read.. (specially F/M or F/F aficionados). The blog seemed to start out of nowhere, with nary an introduction. Only now did I think to read what Ms. Clara has written about herself.
"I'm a professional and lifestyle dominatrix. It's my passion and privilege to spank and cane naughty bottoms. This is the story of my adventures, and a little about the people I meet on the journey."

For those of you who have yet to ever be spanked, but wishing to build the nerve to visit a disciplinarian for a spanking, there are two excellent postings that you might enjoy reading....



Ano0ther excellent post:


"It takes a skilled dominatrix to allow for the healing power of pain. Better by far, a loving partner. I would always encourage a man to ask his wife for a thrashing before trying me, because nothing can compare to the beating given by the woman you love and trust totally. But for those not lucky enough to be involved in such a relationship, I believe I can still help."So, if you live or are visiting the Kent area of England, maybe consider visiting, and say Red sent you.

To contact Ms Clara ms.clarahewitt@gmail.com

Happy Spankings


random thoughts for the day

first the LOOK and the rodthen it's applicationand then the Australian kissHappy spankings


feedjit for free

Some good thoughts in this drawing...I have seen on sites where they show either how many visitors are currently on the site, or where in the world they come from.

(great caption on the next photo)I liked the idea of where visitors come from, but did NOT like the idea that if I left myself on for a while, my location would be too visible!

Feedjit has the capability of removing your IP address from the feed, so I immediately selected that feature....

I have placed the information at the bottom of the right hand column, so it is not IN your FACE.

What do you think???Happy Spankings


2,044,000 pageviews and counting

I would like to thank everyone who drops by this blog... IF you move the cursor to the end of the page, you will see the amount of page loads that blogger has kept track of since this blog started.
Some stay only for a short time, but some readers have become friends....

So have fun taking those pants downenjoy having him over your kneesand then a little cornertime to think ...Happy Spankings, and drop by again soon..


Happy St. Paddles Day

A better tee-shirt to wear than kiss me I'm Irish...Whether you hold the paddle to do the spanking,
or after your bottom has been spankedSpanking is a much better celebration for spanker enthusiasts, than St. Patrick's Day....
So may you have the luck of the Irish, and either be spanked, or spank someone today..Happy SpankingsRed


home again

Our previous vacation has a few spankings while on the cruise, and lots of fun beaches to visit.

We are always frugal with our money, so that we take inside cabins on cruises, and only occasionally do we have a window. The less money we spend, the more we have for the next vacation...

You have to adapt to the room being dark when you wake-up, but that is the only drawback that we think exists.

The shows are the same, dining is the same, ports are the same, and every amenity on board is the same whether you pay for a balcony, or an inside cabin. Whenever we hit a port, we are off the ship immediately until just before it sets sail again...

Spankings: We took the bath brush with us, as it is in the luggage, and really, we do not care who sees it. A hint to the viewer is that the wooden side is quite well worn, but the bristles are pristine....

We also have thrown caution to the wind, in that the cabins are not soundproof....However, You only hear what is happening inside a cabin when you are immediately outside the door. I have never heard people's TVs from another cabin beside us. We do turn up the television quite loud, but whether you have music or a show, sometimes their is that dead air for a second or two, when spanks might be heard.

Cindy would be embarrassed if people knew she was spanked, so I am the one that is spanked on cruises, and Cindy makes certain to raise her voice at times as she pauses the spanks, lecturing me, before continuing the spanking.

Thus, anyone walking by, if nosy, would know that the woman is doing the spanking.

One memorable spanking was as usual bare bottomed over her knee, with the bath brush be actively and strongly spanking my bottom.

This spanking had a few different pauses between the flurry of maybe 15 spanks each time, so quite a few had me squirming and owwwwwing..

Cindy enjoys spanking just one cheek until she is pleased with the color and my bouncing around, then moves to the other cheek for similar action. Then a pause and lecture, followed by another round...

The sex was amazing afterwards, and Cindy quite literally screamed through her orgasm... That would have been heard cabins away.

Sex and spanking...what a great mixture...

Oh, by the way, we went back to the clothing optional (nude) beach at Orient beach on this cruise, so Cindy nicely did not spank me for four days before that port of St. Maarten...

Happy Spankings