I do not know about you, but this position would hurt my back more than my bottom!!Whereas, this is obviously hurting your bottom more than your back....and she is moving you back into position for even more cane strokesand if you look at the bottom above, he will definitely be leaping as today is leap year extra day of work...

SO remember, protect your back, if not your bottom!
Happy Spankings


overherlap said...

Interesting positions, although #2 would be the best, but I still prefer OTK.

Underling said...

Speaking of awkward positions, Red, what about diaper?

Difficult to get into, and hard to maintain, but oh so effective! :)

Red said...

Dave: #2 gives more of your bottom exposed to the cane... I guess i both like it and dislike it at the same time, if you understand what i mean..

Underling: we have not tried that..have you??? Any description for your blog of this happening to you...

happy spankings