I do not know about you, but this position would hurt my back more than my bottom!!Whereas, this is obviously hurting your bottom more than your back....and she is moving you back into position for even more cane strokesand if you look at the bottom above, he will definitely be leaping as today is leap year extra day of work...

SO remember, protect your back, if not your bottom!
Happy Spankings


you have been invited

The Lady of the house has something on her mind, and it relates to you..You have been summoned, and with The LADY of the house sitting on the foot stool, it is not hard to imagine why (but the thought has probably made IT HARD) !

You asked why she wants you to come here, and she is amused. Maybe sign language can explain it to you....
The finger beckons.....
and one hand is pointing the direction (where you are headed over her knee)

and the other hand is open to do something... I wonder what??
Happy Spankings


quote for the day

Life is so simple, when you consensually spank your partner!!!!
Get up those stairs quicker, your spanking is not over yet...
Now bend over the couch
fun time approaches
more and more interesting
and the rest I leave to your imagination...
Happy Spankings


little spankings

One way that helps keep us happy, is that Cindy gives little spankings for little things.

I have no recollection ( age has its own rewards) as to what our little disagreement was, and it was very minor when Cindy got up from the table and came over to where I was about to cook a lobster dinner for us.
She smiled as she came over, and grinned even more as she picked up the wooden soup stirrer, and indicated I should turn around and bend over the counter.

I was not required to strip, but it was always lower your pants and underwear,and bend over. This is accomplished without words, as sometimes I start to bend over without lowering my clothes, and a raised eyebrow or Cindy's eyes dropping to my clothing, tells me to be very careful.Cindy then proceeded to use this devilish implement significantly, with little explanation, but a happy with herself tone in her voice. For whatever reason, I really felt the spanks, and what I thought might be four or five was probably about twenty., all on the upper part of my bottom, which is less frequently spanked, and thus more tender.My bottom was doing a little dancing by the time Cindy finished. Problem solved, and then on to dinner, which was great.

On the spot spankings can solve many a small problem from becoming a far larger problem.

I do not write about these often, but they happen once or twice, and sometmes three tmes in one week.

Happy Spankings


sadly football season is OVER!!!!

But did you know....and they want you for their team
So with alittle encouragement, I will start training for next seasonA STROLL DOWN MEMORY LANE: From the first time the Giants beat the Patriots in the SUPERBOWL....


A. Amani Toomer hauls in a 38 yard prayer in the first half:B. Plaxico Burress hauls in the game winning TD with under a minute to go:C. Bambi MacAfee signals for a left turn during the pre-game show:
Current Poll Results
A. 0
B. 0
C. 2,639,239,369

Always keep smiling
A Woman's Rule of Thumb:
If it has tires or testicles,
You're going to have trouble with it.

Two more Italian cruise ship jokes:
What vegetables do you get with dinner on Italian cruise ships?
- Leeks

How do they serve alcoholic drinks on Italian cruise ships?
- On the rocks

Happy Spankings



So many funny videos going around.....

Hermione has a wonderful post called magic butt

Ronnie has a post that is definitely not shown in The USA, but I wish it was... Agent Provocateur

So here are two videos I find hilarious

and number two

Hope this has given you a little smile today...

but if you found them less than amusing... I guess I should include some F/m correction...
the look as you follow...
and the positions you end up in...It definitely appears that you do not have the luxury and comfort of being over your partners Knees...
Your partner wants to give you the full benefit of the experience...so, keep smiling and Happy Spankings



Well, previous polls have shown some men who read this blog also wear panties at times. I know I do....

I saw this cartoon, and found it amusing....so, in gender role breaking for fun and frolic and eroticism, do some of you MEN also wear stockings at times (My definition is more than once)Have you ever worn stockings while wearing panties

Poll for MEN only (we know the answer for Ladies)

Have you ever worn stockings while wearing panties

a few times a year
usually once a month
usually once a week
very often

Happy Spankings


Cindy well spanked

Cindy was spanked yesterday, in a somewhat consensual manner. A problem had been brewing for a few days.

I do not want to delve too personally in our lives, but Cindy has a habit of dominating the conversation when we are with other people. She is exceptionally good at asking more probing questions to whatever is said, or to continue on the conversation. Getting into the conversation is difficult, and if it changes, she is on top of the ball in the new conversation also.

I expressed my displeasure about it the first time when we were visiting friends, then two days later it happened again with lunch mates. I again expressed my displeasure.

Both times Cindy expressed her regrets and stated she would try much harder next time. That same day, other friends dropped by, and I had to be almost rude to be able to force my way into the conversation after waiting patiently for a significant time, and Cindy finally realized and then was a little more co-operative. However, at times I broke into private conversation with the man, as the two women continued talking.

After the guests had left, I stated that Cindy should be spanked for continuing this really unthoughtful behavior.

Cindy replied that she will try to do better, and I stated you said that two days ago, and earlier today, and yet you still did the exact same thing.

Cindy asked what was the name of my blog.. and I repeated "consensual", so she said I don't consent!!!

I replied well then, tell me what is going to make you remember. Maybe a spanking before friends arrive, or before we go out will focus you a little... It has worked miraculously for me when going to visit friends who are exceptionally nice people, but who talk non-stop. I stated her behavior is exactly the same as when you are with this other woman, and can NOT get one word in about anything except listen....

This was the point when Cindy realized.... OOOPPPSSS!

To solve the argument, Cindy stated that she would accept a spanking, but only with my hand. I countered that it will be much longer with my hand, and quicker if it is with the hairbrush, but it has to be one that gives her a little fuel to remember when next we visit friends.

So, to the bedroom, slowly baring Cindy's bottom, moving the chair in place, and taking my wonderful wife over my knee for a well deserved spanking.

A slow spanking, with a slow warm-up, allows for many more spanks. In between spanks there was discussion of why the spanking was happening (spank,, spank...), and how we were going to try to change things a little (spank...spank..spank) I was enjoying myself immensely, whereas Cindy was not enjoying it quite the same way... spank spank...

Her bottom was a nice glowing red from top to bottom, by the time I concluded the spanking, but with no spank ever causing a loud OWWWW, Cindy must have been over my lap for five minutes or longer, which was delightful. Her feet were touching the floor, and her upper body was totally supported, so she was as comfortable as possible while being spanked.

A warning: before we next visit friends, either a spanking should be given, or you will knowingly think about including everyone in the discussion during the visit. (No cornertime, but this nice healthy glow gives some indication of an effective spanking...This is NOT a picture of Cindy)What followed was a quick wash in the bath for Cindy, followed by a wonderful time (fabulous) love making. We role play a little, and this time seeing Cindy was spanked, I used a light amount of bondage, tying her hands, lying full body on top of her (which she loves) and sensually licking,kissing and sucking, eventually moving downwards for her to have a fabulous orgasms, followed by penetration and a fabulous orgasm for me also.

WE then lay in each others arms, fully exhausted, and supremely satisfied.

We eventually went out for dinner, and had a lovely meal with a glow from ear to ear.

Certainly glad that Cindy consented to be spanked.. it lead to a fabulous problem solving method.

Next day update: I teased Cindy that her bottom was a virgin pale white, unlike mine the next morning that is usually at least pink after being spanked the day before.

Happy Spankings


back to spanking

Well. it appears that I have been posting humor and spanking photos, but no insight into our spanking life... Spankings are reasonably frequent, short and to the point, or leisurely, depending on circumstances.

Valentine's day had us very busy, but age has it's own rewards, and I haven't got a clue what we did that day, save for the evening.

Cindy early in the day stated that she was going to lay out every spanking implement on the bed, and I was gong to get the privilege of choosing which three implements that she would use. What a delightful start to the day.

Unfortunately, whatever happened during the day (besides working out at the gym, buying wine, lobster, dessert, and it was easily 7PM, when we were about to start supper. I suggested that maybe Cindy should do one spanking now, and two other later, rather than her wonderful suggestion, but somehow had not happened.

So a quick trip to the bedroom, and a bare bottom (the only way) over the knee with a hand warm-up and grope, followed by the wooden hairbrush...short, crisp, and a nice glow on my bottom and we were back in the kitchen preparing supper.

It is really good that half bottles of sparkling wine exist, so after a glass and a half each of champagne, the salad was prepared.

I suggested a little warm -up with a kitchen implement, and it was bending over the kitchen counter with a bare bottom being roasted with a wooden kitchen ladle.Salad, new bottle of wine, boiled New England 2 pound lobsters (the only kind), corn, and bread, and dessert of chocolate cake, followed by a wee grand Marnier, and we both basically collapsed after cleaning up the kitchen, and then resting.

By now it was about 12:00, so off to bed without sex this time. The spankings were fun, the kissing and cuddling exceptional, but the actual love making was left until the next morning, and it also was terrific.

Happy Spankings



I have removed the need to enter the letters that are so difficult to read, that Google has started to use.They probably have decided to use this method because of too much spam being left as comments.

I will find out..

If a lot of spam starts appearing, I will put the feature back on...Any if anyone sends spam, I hope they are non-consensually spanked...and then made to stand in the corner

Happy Spankings


Rio carnival

A puzzle finally solved .........

* At the Rio Carnival, parading dancers are most often wearing a tiny loincloth or Shell.
Have you asked the question: How is the loincloth fixed?
Do you know...take a wild guess...see pics below.

Now you know..why the Brazilian girls shake their hips madly at the Rio Carnival!

Some women might think that this little novelty should not have been published...oh well!
yes dearI will listen in futureHappy Spankings


coffee please

quick post.. you figure it out..I think I will stay with a cup of coffee that has a bottom as part of the coffee cup...


working from home

another smile for the day... and then a few pictures for the enjoyment of the thoughts of spanking...

Well, should you have not told me you were video conferencing when first I entered the room and spoke to you!!!!!!!..

hold the brush while you are there
a little while later: now come with me
now over my knee
and let's get tot he bottom of thingsDeserved spankings