F/M bending over

Another quick post of spanking photos... this time bending over!
He could be kneeling on the bed
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where a slipper or a strap
or a leather paddlebut bending over a chair is a classic post for the caneor that little coffee table has a multi purpose
remember to inform him why he is being spanked and practice your backhand, and demonstrate what an effective tennis player you areJust drop those pants and underwear, and bend over, and the strap will work magic...let us also not forget the stool, for not only sitting on while in the corner, but bending over firstand no matter how sparsely furnished your house might be, there are always walls handybut there is probably something to bend overHappy Spankings


F/M OTK photos

Just a quick post to keep the spanking desires alive....
A woman should be diligent in her dutiesIf the male is dancing and moving too much, a leg lock is always useful, and happily inform him that his spanking is in no way finished.maybe a slight clothing mishap will cause amusement, specially because he cannot see it..

He may even start agreeing with everything you say... and that is quite funny because you intend to spank a lot harder soon...And remember to spank him before he goes out to the football match...but above all else, when finished she should be happy with her work...happy spankings



A excellent video exists that you might like, if both of you are entertaining thoughts of pegging, or any anal play ...
my additions is that you can also increase the sensuality of the situationboth of these pictures are interesting, but no one needs start with anything as big as the next photo.
Positions are probably just as numerous as male female penetration
This is an excellent video..


let me know what you think
Happy Pegging


laps awaiting you for your spanking

Another collection of beautiful laps of all ages,Eagerly awaiting you bending over their knees for your spanking..The white will appear even whiter when your bottom is turning a bright shade of red
Oh, I am going to have such fun blistering your bottom...no matter how old we get, you are still my partner and you will still be spanked...
but decisions.. decisions should it be the paddle first....or the beltHappy Spankings


wooden spoon

One effective implement in your kitchen is the long handled wooden spoon.... So for all those husbands out there that spank their wives... A smiling picture of perfectioncan easily also be bent over for a spankingand before you know it she will be happily preparing your next meal and remember, you can also give another spanking after dinner before she cleans up the kitchen...
This post was intended for those women who like to be spanked (such as Hermione, Ronnie, Bonnie, and so many more that have spanking blogs detailing their love of being spanked...
It was also intended for men who enjoy looking at women's bottoms.
Happy Spankings


dominance F/M

well, I found this photo, so will go with the theme for todayWhen your beautiful bride opens her legs, kissing and licking is always a good option. {aside: loved the comment in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Lisbeth: he does cunnilingus but not often enough in my opinion).
You might be offered the chance to kiss and caress her feet... be a willing partner
and at times you may find yourself doing domestic clean-upRemember to be cheerfulWillingand you will get all the spankings you desire in life, and maybe even more than your fondest dreams... in places you never imaginedHappy Spankings


kitchen help

By natural history, women have traditionally prepared and cooked meals. However, in this more more modern era, roles have changed.
One might wonder why this has happened!Has the wooden cooking spoon changed to include new uses?Are men being given a helping hand to encourage their efforts?In olden times wood was used to build a fire to cook with... and yet the modern woman has adapted this old technique to create a fire of her own when needed on her man's bottom.

Whatever your thoughts might be, a woman is always there with a helping handhappy spankings


while on vacation

Never got back to our vacation. One afternoon after coming back from the beach, Cindy decided that a little spanking should be fun...

Thus, it was bare bottomed over her knee, where a immediate dose of the wooden hair brush warmed and heated very hot a cold bottom, freshly cool from the ocean.

I am specially happy that we did not bring any stronger implement in our suitcases.

The experience of being spanked after coming out of the shower must be dreadfully effective with a strong implement used vigorously, and i am fortunate NOT to have experienced this! (Yet!)The love making was great, and then we cuddled and I fooled around a little bit teasing Cindy. She responded by ordering me back over her knee for another rendition of hair brushing, and although she used strong force, the sensuousness of making love made the spanking have little effect. The endorphins protected my bottom from feeling the effects of the spanking.

It was still fun, and a wonderful time for both of us.

Every couple has their own reasons for spanking in their relationship. I am glad that ours is a little discipline, and a whole lot of making love..

Happy Spankings


sex age test

I subscribe to real age... always willing to find out a little info and maybe live longer and healthier... You probably will have to join to take the test, but joining is free, and does not take very long. I have the emails sent to my usual address, not my spanking address.

They recently sent out a sex age quiz, and also information of how to increase your sex drive. I recommend you take this test.


you might also like to look at these top ten sex boosters and busters.http://www.realage.com/sex-relationships/top-10-sex-life-boosters-and-busters#fbIndex1

Anything you can do to increase your sex drive is great... so spanking is just one of our aphrodisiacs.PS: my SEX age turned out to be 35. Cindy (the cougar) was 41. We are going to have to follow their advice, and with just a few tweaks, soon we might just have a sex age of half our chronological age.

Newest: We bought a vibrator for Cindy to use occasionally during sex, but are experimenting with it on both of us.As SPOCK of Star Trek fame might have said: "live long and have great sex.. and prosper"

Example: on the last seven day vacation : three spankings and four times making love... and plenty of eye candy on the beach...
Humor for today....Keep smiling.. it keeps us young
Happy Spankings