women behaving wonderfully Happy New Year's EVE

I must readily admit that I love looking at women. I specially enjoy photos of women having fun by exposing part of their body in public places.The naughtiness of this is exciting...We have made love outdoors completely naked, where the chance of being discovered is slim, but still possible.We have even dabbled with Cindy spanking me outdoors a few times, once with a hair brush...The best part of women behaving wonderfully, is that you see women that are NOT models, but who are none the less beautiful. Next time (if this is a woman reading this...) and your partner wants to take a sexy risque photo of you, remember that he loves you, and truly believes you are beautiful..Their beauty is partly from being in love with their own body, and not being afraid to show it. Most are young, but fortunately people our age are also enjoying this extra thrill to keep the love spark and sexual energy flowing. You can even pretend to be Vanna White.One site where you can see some of the photos I have attached is called

However, this site has for every one picture that I posted approximately 100 oral photos of women enjoying a man's prick... Personally, it is easier to click on archive, than trying to go through almost 2000 pages of postings.However, people seemed to think the link to eagerlicker was good, so this one should also be excellent.The best thing I like about this site is women are free to do what they want, and you have to plan to be not wearing panties for pictures of bare pussies...ENJOY
and a special comment for my dear friends Hermione, Ronnie, and Bonnie : Strike this pose for the camera, and I am certain your husband would be very happy to give your bottom a few spanks if not a lot more....HAPPY SPANKINGS


Hermione said...

Happy New Year, Red and Cindy.

Hugs from Hermione and Ron

Red said...

thanks Hermione and Ron, and a Happy New year to both of you... Maybe you might travel south and we could catch a cup of coffee or dinner...
Happy spankings

widgets said...

Happy & Healthy NEW YEAR to you and Cindy.
It is nice to see real everyday people not models.
Rachel & aj Widget

Red said...

Rachel and AJ: Best wishes to both of you folks for a happy and healthy new year... yes, unfortunately, most photos that I post except for these type are posed situations specifically made for publication on spanking pay sites... but better than no spanking photos at all...
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I love women who behave wonderfully! ;-)
Happy New Year's to you as well!

Red said...

D: agreed, and Happy New Year to you also