time for turning the tables

A site worth visiting, that has been around for a long time is
It has some excellent pictures and videos ( a free section), and the spankings can sometimes be very severe.My opinion is that everyone in a spanking relationship should at least once be on the other side of the wooden hair brush. Empathy, and consent are essential in a relationship. However, I easily accept that only one person is the spanker, and one the spankee by mutual consent.I came across the following pictures, and think that they look a lot like Miss D. It warms my heart to imagine that she has been spanked at least once.(and one great looking bottom)Go visit the site, but you will not find any pictures except men being spanked..

Happy Spankings


juliesp said...

Ha Ha! Is that a hand print on her ass?? I wish I could spank that hard with my hand!

I got spanked when I was a kid, does that count?

Red said...

juliesp: Might hurt your hand if you spanked that hard... Being spanked as a child is never part of this blog... maybe you should be spanked as an adult once, just for a change of pace from all the spankings you give.. keep smiling no matter what...
Happy spankings

Anonymous said...

Bottoms always make the best tops!!

Red said...

anon: bottoming at least once definitely improves the perspective I believe.