spanking and sex

Yesterday had a fun return to spanking. Cindy was annoyed at something I had done, so it was a trip to the spanking chair. Cindy had me retrieve some shoes to elevate her knees, and requested I retrieve some leather implements. Before putting the shoes on Cindy's feet, I kissed and sucked her toes a little. Never a dumb man, as this helped dissipate a little of her anger.

I retrieved the leather metal heart shaped paddle, and the leather fingered strap.

In a flash, Cindy had me bare bottomed over her knees, and started in full force with the leather fingered strap. It was very effective, also reaching the far side of my bottom and beyond, as she spanked away.

Then, on to the heart shaped paddle, for many memorable spanks, again the far bottom cheek getting the greater share of the spanks...

Cindy stopped, and decided she wanted another implement. The wooden bath brush was retrieved, and then a good solid dose of spanks were administered, before she felt that the spanking was complete. My bottom is still a touch of red today.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking.

Problem solved, we then moved to the bed for romantic cuddling, and absolutely fantastic hot sex with a lot of oral and then fucking in new positions. Always good to be inventive. We recently bought a new book of positions, with pictures, and glancing through it now and then helps stimulate the sexual appetite, and keep the spark alive.

Happy Spankings


Michael M said...

Nothing like a spontaneous unexpected spanking to warm things up and refresh the relationship.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great how much better you feel after a good disciplinary spanking. I know I feel so much refreshed afterwards.


Hermione said...

The book sounds interesting! Is it anything like The Joy of Sex?


Njspank said...

Great story and wonderful relationship oh and nice sound spanking!

Red said...

Michael M: so very true... spontaneous is fabulous..

Dan: I definitely agree

Hermione: Yes, and I will publish about it soon...

Njspank: all true..

happy spankings