WE had some fun last night, as Cindy determined that we would benefit from her spanking me.

The usual reaction of won't that be wonderful followed by the uneasiness and a little foreboding about a spanking that she has decided is necessary, and will administer later that night.

About an hour later, Cindy decided to take a leisurely bath, which meant the spanking would follow soon afterwards.

When Cindy requested I join her in the bedroom, I went ASAP. Never anger a woman intent on spanking you, is my philosophy.

Cindy was seated on the spanking chair, and requested I retrieve two implements. The choice was the leather heart shaped metal studded paddle and the wooden hurley stick. I have posted pictures of both previously.

Ok, take those pants down and bare your bottombend over my knees
A short warm -up, with hard hand spanks, and then down to business.

The Heart shaped paddle stung like never before. At first I thought it was the wooden paddle, but then it arcing around the cheek made it's identification known. Cindy spanked hard, and I was owwing and foot dancing while she explained the purpose of this spanking.I was informed that I had been grumpy the evening before, and this was going to chase away the grumpiness. With family at home that night, and overnight, she had not been able to deal with it. This paddle was fierce, much more than I have ever encountered it to be. As usual, a lack of spanking for a week or more permits the bottom to soften up a little.

Cindy was spanking as forcefully as she was talking.... Cindy stated that I needed to be getting exercise every second day at least, so I should be using the gym membership that I have...

Then with harder spanks she stated at least three or four times a week, for your health and mental frame of mind. My focus was less on the gym and more on my bottom.

The paddle tip had found many normally unspanked areas, and then Cindy moved onto the Hurling stick. It definitely gives a solid smack each time. Used a few times in the same spot and once again I was owwing and dancing, and agreeing to go to the gym to help my body and frame of mind....

Afte the spanking, I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we then cuddled and had fantastic sex. I understand that everyone is different, but sex after being spanked, or giving a spanking, is always wonderful.. A treat not to be denied.

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

Good Post Red:

And I am in 100% agreement with everything you said.

Hurling stick huh? I know what it is and what it looks like, and I bet that stings quite a lot. Glad we don't own one, and have no plans to get one either!!


Michael M said...

Sounds like a great session.
Michael M

Red said...

James: I think you would like the hurling or is it hurley I forget) stick. Maybe you should order one as a birthday present... Glad you liked the post

Michael M: it was

Happy spankings

spankedbywife said...

I couldn't help but notice the first two pictures you included that show two women preparing to take their naughty guy over their lap, generously shows stocking tops and in the first ones, the garter tabs. Guess we have something else in common!

BTW, another fine post.

Red said...

Ken: definitely sexy as you look at those knees... n distraction of seeing the implement...
Happy Spankings