spanked by wife

Well ,there have been a few spankings in our household, and I have used this title to allow it to be easier accessed by search engines.

This spanking was more about stress, which somehow comes with the holiday season... I was feeling stressed, whereas usually Cindy is the stressed out individual...

For this spanking, Cindy used both of her favorites, "old reliable' and the heart metal studded leather paddle.Cindy had me bare bottomed, over her knee for the spanking, which started immediately with heavy spanks from the paddle. Cindy remarked how much she enjoyed using it, and it definitely made its presence known. I was wiggling and dancing with it wrapping over the far cheek, or the tip finding a home between the cheeks.

Cindy then switched to the 'old reliable' heavy wooden paddle that you can get from the DWC. It had me owwing very quickly...When Cindy finally stopped, I had lost all stress, except for a sore bottom.

We then proceeded to have fabulous sex, with great orgasms.

IF you have never experimented with spanking, but are interested, consider how to convince your partner, gently, to introduce spanking. It has solved problems, and light a fire both on my bottom, and in our loins.

Happy Spankings


spankedbywife said...

I just love the term, 'SpankedbyWife'.
It provides a rather delicious image.

Red said...

Spankedby wife: it definitely does