spanked again

The house was ours alone for at least 30 minutes, while some family went out for ice cream... I have been somewhat stressed today, yesterday's magic having worn off, and requested Cindy give me a short spanking.Cindy being a very amiable and sweet wife, agreed immediately. Bare bottomed, over the knee for a good quick session with the wooden hair brush. Cindy remarked before starting that my bottom was still pink from yesterday, and then proceeded to make it a much more wholesome looking red.The spanking was over from the time I requested, until the last spank in about five minutes.Hopefully this will help to chase the blues away, for whatever reason they came upon me I know not why...

Maybe some sexual activities later will also help...

Does spanking chase away the blues for you????

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

You're a lucky guy, to have a Wife that understands your needs.

If only more Women understood the message, there would probably be a lot less divorces.

BTW great pics!!!


spankedbywife said...

Yes, for us spanking usually chases away the blue. And usually brings on the red! :-)

Red said...

JAmes:We are both very lucky men..
Ken: blues should be chased away.. and a red bottom does the trick most times.
Happy New Year