slipper spankings

Another great Christmas gift for your loved one might be slippers...We really have never used a slipper for a spanking!However, I have occasionally used a slipper to give Cindy a quick spank on her bottom, and it certainly is EFFECTIVE, from her startled reaction.Thus, maybe this post will be an inspiration to those spankers who have not ever used a slipper.Wait a minute dear, while I retrieve the implement!
Now, won't this be nice to warm your bottom...Seems you are having second thoughts as you focus on my slipper.....Do you really think you have a choice of implements for your naughty bottom...That is a better reaction... no dear is appropriate...Get your bottom over my lap pronto!! and let's have some fun shall we???Happy Spankings


Tim the Tum said...

There's something about slipper spanking that turns me on excessively; it may be that they were used for CP at my school all those years ago, and so I got to see them in actual use a couple of times.

Try them out - they're good fun!


Red said...

Tim: Theey can be fun, but also extremely effective quickly..

david said...

red,I agree wholeheartedly with tim usually in pt lessons someone would shout sir tim as forgotten his gym kit Is that right boy?come here touchyertoes etc whack whack whack rest of class hysterical even better if the pt teacher put OXO in chalk on sole of slipper.So now hes the only one in school who doesn`t know.Such fun seasons greetings davetouchintoes

Kenny said...

Ich bekomme jedes Jahr ein paar neue Pantoffeln
von meiner Tante zu Weihnachten geschenkt.
Und diese bekomme ich auch am 1. Weihnachts Tag
zu spüren,ganz nackt bei Tante überm Knie.
Ganz neue Pantoffeln ziehen immer Höllisch durch. Finde ich Super Geil,auch die Feuerrote Farbe auf meinem nackten danach,Himmlich.

Red said...

boser -bube tranlation: (please remember thaT THIS MIGHT NOT BE TRULY ACCURATE TRANSLATION... Every year I get some new slippers
from my aunt for Christmas.
And I also get this on 1 Christmas days
to feel quite naked above the knee with his aunt.
Brand new slippers always pull through Hellish. I think Supergeil die for, and the fire-red color on my naked afterwards.

interesting experiences Red

BOB said...

In my opinion, there is nothing sexier than a woman kicking her sandals off , in order to use a sandal to spank her husband.Even better would be if she ordered her husband to kneel down and take her sandals off her feet for her , in order for her to spank him with them.

I hope that you find more photos of women taking off thier sandals in order to spank thier husbands with them

Red said...

These photos are quite sexy, and slippers, specially rubber bottomed slippers, are very effective spanking implements...
Happy Spankings

Unknown said...

A woman ready to deliver a good slippering is my idea of heaven hurt as it may

Red said...

unknown: happy dreams