prayer for fathers and grandfathers

Dear God, please send clothes
for all those poor ladies on

computer. Amen.
Wow: if the kids ever saw what you have stored on your computer....would you ever be spanked....
get these pants down shall webend over that chairnow on your knees begging my forgiveness while I light your bottom on fire BEWARE


spankedbywife said...

Interesting point: Its not the Ladies who need clothes in the pix you included with this post.

But then the pix on my computer are about the same, too!

Happy New Year!

Red said...

Ken; a combination of both is always fair... keep the libido functioning well.
Happy New Year

Tex said...

The second from the bottom pic (she's wearing the dark frame glasses / he looks like he's wearing pajama bottoms)... any idea where those come from?

They appear to be an amateur couple as I've never seen a watermark or logo with previous pics of them but I really like the domestic mood they usually capture.

Red said...

Tex: no idea where the picture came from... and I agree they have a feeling of authenticity.
Happy New Year

BOB said...

I agree with Tex.It is a great photo. And i love the one above it with the red shirted woman undressing her husband. I love how she has a calm ,but dominant, look on her face. And i love how he humbly has his hands behind his back. i think that you have posted it before.And im glad that you posted it again. I like the photos where the wives are undoing thier husbands pants or taking his belt off.While he humbly and helplessly stands obediently still

Red said...

Bob: Glad you liked the picture. Thanks for letting me know...
Happy Spankings