otto's spanking Art

I am usually slow to publicize new sites, simply because I tend to look at a few favorites only on any given day. Also, I already spend too much time on the computer visiting spanking related sites.

A relatively new site, well, probably under a year, is worth visiting.

This stylized photo art is titled 2 minute spankingottosspankingart.blogspot.com

Otto creates his own stylized artwork, but posts artwork from others also...

I really like part of his description of his blog: "So thanks for coming by, and may your bottom be forever red!" I echo that sentiment.

This example from his blog shows a young man who is about to be spanked, but whose erection shows that great feeling of fear and excitement.
The site is more dominant than mine, where pegging is presented as though without consent. Fortunately, I take this to be consensual role play.
This may or may not be your cup of tea, but with so many people of all persuasions visitng my blog, I am certain some will like this newer site.

Happy Spankings


ronnie said...

I do like Otto's art work Red.


RedRump said...

Otto's great! I love the lighting effect he achieves in his photo manipulations - lends an almost Baroque feel to it.

Anonymous said...

The males in my work are all like Br'ere Rabbit saying, "Lawd, lawd, just don't you be a throwin' me in that there brier patch...Lawdy!"
About the photo manipulations, they take ten minutes, while some of the 3Ds have been percolating in the scene file folder for literally years. I get weirdly jealous of myself when a ten-minute photo-manipulation - that somebody else shot in the first place - comes out better than a 3D I've slaved over for months. "It's not fair I tell you!"
Thanks for the kind words, folks...

Red said...

Ronnie and Red: I agree

Otto: my pleasure ot post about your blog... keep enjoying, and we will also enjoy...

Happy spankings

BOB said...

I discovered Otto's blog about a month ago.And i would recomend it to anyone interested in F/M spanking,CFNM and/or femdom. Some of the spanking art is more violent then i personally would prefer.But Otto's artwork covers a broad area.So there is something for everyone to enjoy. I myself like most of his art. I like the one that you showed here at the bottom of the post

Red said...

Bob: yes, every blog has it's pluses and minuses.
Happy Spankings