Merry Christmas

Thought I would throw a change of pace for everyone who might be interested

This is a tribute to Bob Hope, an American who gave so much of himself for his fellow men...

Bob Hope started touring and giving shows to the troops during World War Two, and one place indicated in the video had 60% of the audience wounded or killed in the next invasion in the Pacific fighting the Japanese.

Whether you believe that in that time and place American involvement in Vietnam, or other places was right or wrong ( and I thought it was wrong) Bob Hope was a person to cherish...

Enjoy the video .

Merry Christmas to everyone who has dropped by, I thank you one and all for visiting..


Geofrey said...

thank you. it helped brighten a dark day

Red said...

Geofrey: Glad I could help... Hopefully things will be better today, and each day thereafter. Write privately and share a little if you want.
Happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. A special man.


Red said...

saltee: you are welcome