I thought I would just post pictures for your enjoyment of the good old days when the west was young... AT LEAST IN OUR DREAMS

The first might be titled home, home on the range where the spanks keep you warm at night
whereas nowadays, central heating still is given a boost on the home bottom
that is a wonderful collection of potential bottom warmers on the wall
Remember to iron the clothes properly, or you will pay the price..

These drawings came from a blog titled Lumasoc , which no longer seems to be in existence... I have removed it from my blog list, as it was a momentary bright light..
happy spankings


Anonymous said...

I ironed my wife's blouse and when I was done she didn't seem at all please, so I tried to start again, but she said "let me give you a little encouragemnet" and bent me over for 40 swats. Her blouses were then ironed very nice.
Of course, I iron in the nude and afterwards, i'm in the corner in the nude for 45 minutes.
Ironing weekly and I need to make damm sure that they are perfect the first time.

alan said...

How nice to see the hand being used in the first three drawings as that is how a spanking should be given.It was the only way that I ever received my spankings. Shame Lumasoc is no longer available.

Red said...

anon: practice does amke perfect, specially with an encouraging spanking...

Alan: A hand can be VERY VERY effective

Happy Spankings

lumasoc said...

Hello, i'm Lumasoc,
thank you for the positive comment.
My blog is back in business, for anyone who wants to see my new drawings, can go to this address:

Red said...

Katzulu: Welcome back..your drawings are always appreciated. I will post about your blog in the next week or two
bottoms up

lumasoc said...

Thank you very much Red,
Lightweight with pleasure your post.
Also i really like your blog, the always follow several times a day and i always interesting things, good continuation.