love the thought

Wonderful pictures to help you pass the day !
This woman is wondering if she should spank you? Was your answer to why she is thinking of spanking valid enough to avoid a spanking...
I thnk your answer has made her very happy... No indecision now, and she is relishing using three implements on your bare bottom..
She has now moved to the spanking chair, and is quite determined to not have a repeat of the behavior that is requiring this spanking
Unfortunately, you can now only focus on the implement, and not your beautiful partnerShe is getting perturbed over your slowness in undressing...
okay, now the bottom is being bared
She is smiling because the feet are dancing, and the spanking has only just begun....Time for the brush to reinforce the lessonand a little lecture with a new brush...and a grande finale with the terrible strap to drive the lesson home...
Happy dreams


RedRump said...

Wonderful pictures, all. Thanks for posting!

Red said...

redrump: glad you liked them