for those men who love wearing panties

Thought I would do a quick post of a song by bob Rivers, a parody of winter wonderland,Titled "Walking round in women's underwear"Enjoy


EnjoyPhotos came by googling men in panties, and arrived at what amazon has for sale...

IF still in the mood, you could always listen to

Grandpa got run over by a beer truck

Happy Spankings


juliesp said...

That's not what my boy looks like when he's in panties. (He doesn't look like those guys anyhow, of course). These boys seem proud of themselves. For some reason my boy seems all sheepish and hunched over when I put him into his. Ha Ha!

Red said...

juliesp: true,everyone reacts differently, and I doubt very many readers look like the models for wearing panties either male or female.
happy spankings

Anonymous said...

I dont look as great as those models but my sexy panties make me feel so good!

Red said...

anon: agreed... most if not all of us do nolt look like any of the models spanking, being spanked, or wearing various types of clothes