fantasy day Leonardo

Another quick post of spanking artwork that I enjoy... Today is from Leonardo, and I am certain that you have seen many of his drawings...

i do not take the time to Photoshop and add comments, it is quicker to simply add them before each drawing... so begin the fantasy...

The wife sees the neighbors wife spanking her husband, and thinks it is a GREAT IDEA that she should imitate... he was smiling when she stated the situation, but that attitude soon changed.. Following through on a later dateleads to a good taste of leather on skin... and the pillow to raise the target nicely..One day she told her neighbor that she had learned to spank her husband from her, and when he misbehaved in front of the neighbor, they decided to share the chore...Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, they arrived for dinner late one night, for no reasonable reason, and both had to pay the piper... I specially like the size of the hairbrush the women use, and the height they raise it before every spank is administered...if anyone knows of a site of Leonardo drawings, do let me know so that I can publicize his artwork..
Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

what lucky guys you are. How did you get your wives to start spanking you? and how many times you let her do it weekly? monthly?
OTK 43

Red said...

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Hope spanking comes into your life

Anonymous said...

More leonardo on:


Red said...

anon: thanks for the link to a great site