wife spanked again

Twice in two days... a wonderful record....

Well, earlier yesterday (I am always posting about something that happened the day before), Cindy got mad about something (I forget what), something minor.. and resulted in about ten hard bare hand spanks on my bottom.... bending over the kitchen counter Problem solved...

Later, Cindy did something that was quite over the top, and I stated that. about five minutes later, Cindy came up to me and asked if I could spank her to solve the problem that she had caused. The gentleman in me required that I agree with her request. Seeing that it was not major like the day before, it was a quick walk to the closest sofa, and Cindy was bare bottomed over my knee. No trace whatsoever of yesterdays spanking.
The spankiong was short, about ten or fifteen bare hand spanks, with some massaging between every few spanks, and then the spanking was done. Cindy popped up and asked if the problem was solved. I agreed immediately, and we hugged and cuddled.Cindy thanked me for the spanking, kissed, and then a quick little fondle, and the problem was gone...

The sex came gloriously later that evening, after dinner out to relax and enjoy osme wine and good food.

Happy Spankings

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