women behaving wonderfully Happy New Year's EVE

I must readily admit that I love looking at women. I specially enjoy photos of women having fun by exposing part of their body in public places.The naughtiness of this is exciting...We have made love outdoors completely naked, where the chance of being discovered is slim, but still possible.We have even dabbled with Cindy spanking me outdoors a few times, once with a hair brush...The best part of women behaving wonderfully, is that you see women that are NOT models, but who are none the less beautiful. Next time (if this is a woman reading this...) and your partner wants to take a sexy risque photo of you, remember that he loves you, and truly believes you are beautiful..Their beauty is partly from being in love with their own body, and not being afraid to show it. Most are young, but fortunately people our age are also enjoying this extra thrill to keep the love spark and sexual energy flowing. You can even pretend to be Vanna White.One site where you can see some of the photos I have attached is called

However, this site has for every one picture that I posted approximately 100 oral photos of women enjoying a man's prick... Personally, it is easier to click on archive, than trying to go through almost 2000 pages of postings.However, people seemed to think the link to eagerlicker was good, so this one should also be excellent.The best thing I like about this site is women are free to do what they want, and you have to plan to be not wearing panties for pictures of bare pussies...ENJOY
and a special comment for my dear friends Hermione, Ronnie, and Bonnie : Strike this pose for the camera, and I am certain your husband would be very happy to give your bottom a few spanks if not a lot more....HAPPY SPANKINGS


spanked again

The house was ours alone for at least 30 minutes, while some family went out for ice cream... I have been somewhat stressed today, yesterday's magic having worn off, and requested Cindy give me a short spanking.Cindy being a very amiable and sweet wife, agreed immediately. Bare bottomed, over the knee for a good quick session with the wooden hair brush. Cindy remarked before starting that my bottom was still pink from yesterday, and then proceeded to make it a much more wholesome looking red.The spanking was over from the time I requested, until the last spank in about five minutes.Hopefully this will help to chase the blues away, for whatever reason they came upon me I know not why...

Maybe some sexual activities later will also help...

Does spanking chase away the blues for you????

Happy Spankings



WE had some fun last night, as Cindy determined that we would benefit from her spanking me.

The usual reaction of won't that be wonderful followed by the uneasiness and a little foreboding about a spanking that she has decided is necessary, and will administer later that night.

About an hour later, Cindy decided to take a leisurely bath, which meant the spanking would follow soon afterwards.

When Cindy requested I join her in the bedroom, I went ASAP. Never anger a woman intent on spanking you, is my philosophy.

Cindy was seated on the spanking chair, and requested I retrieve two implements. The choice was the leather heart shaped metal studded paddle and the wooden hurley stick. I have posted pictures of both previously.

Ok, take those pants down and bare your bottombend over my knees
A short warm -up, with hard hand spanks, and then down to business.

The Heart shaped paddle stung like never before. At first I thought it was the wooden paddle, but then it arcing around the cheek made it's identification known. Cindy spanked hard, and I was owwing and foot dancing while she explained the purpose of this spanking.I was informed that I had been grumpy the evening before, and this was going to chase away the grumpiness. With family at home that night, and overnight, she had not been able to deal with it. This paddle was fierce, much more than I have ever encountered it to be. As usual, a lack of spanking for a week or more permits the bottom to soften up a little.

Cindy was spanking as forcefully as she was talking.... Cindy stated that I needed to be getting exercise every second day at least, so I should be using the gym membership that I have...

Then with harder spanks she stated at least three or four times a week, for your health and mental frame of mind. My focus was less on the gym and more on my bottom.

The paddle tip had found many normally unspanked areas, and then Cindy moved onto the Hurling stick. It definitely gives a solid smack each time. Used a few times in the same spot and once again I was owwing and dancing, and agreeing to go to the gym to help my body and frame of mind....

Afte the spanking, I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we then cuddled and had fantastic sex. I understand that everyone is different, but sex after being spanked, or giving a spanking, is always wonderful.. A treat not to be denied.

Happy Spankings


for those men who love wearing panties

Thought I would do a quick post of a song by bob Rivers, a parody of winter wonderland,Titled "Walking round in women's underwear"Enjoy


EnjoyPhotos came by googling men in panties, and arrived at what amazon has for sale...

IF still in the mood, you could always listen to

Grandpa got run over by a beer truck

Happy Spankings


prayer for fathers and grandfathers

Dear God, please send clothes
for all those poor ladies on

computer. Amen.
Wow: if the kids ever saw what you have stored on your computer....would you ever be spanked....
get these pants down shall webend over that chairnow on your knees begging my forgiveness while I light your bottom on fire BEWARE



May each and everyone of my readers have aMERRY CHRISTMASHappy Spankings (or shall we call them Season's Beatings...Red


Merry Christmas

Thought I would throw a change of pace for everyone who might be interested

This is a tribute to Bob Hope, an American who gave so much of himself for his fellow men...

Bob Hope started touring and giving shows to the troops during World War Two, and one place indicated in the video had 60% of the audience wounded or killed in the next invasion in the Pacific fighting the Japanese.

Whether you believe that in that time and place American involvement in Vietnam, or other places was right or wrong ( and I thought it was wrong) Bob Hope was a person to cherish...

Enjoy the video .

Merry Christmas to everyone who has dropped by, I thank you one and all for visiting..


Christmas Eve's day

Well, just enough time left to ask Santa for that something special you really desire....Well, Santa always delivers your fondest wishes, sometimes even before Christmasbut all requests are considered
so be readysometimes you have to wait until Christmas morning...Fortunately for us, however, Mrs Claus likes to keep Santa in line....
and also any other wayward man needing direction
Merry Christmas
Happy Spankings


Kama Sutra 365

A book I picked up recently,(kama sutra 365) might be a last minute gift for one partner to give another.

One might say there is nothing new under the sun in terms of sex, yet this might be a great addition for your private bookshelf.The book has photos of couples, that show the position with a brief description.

What I like about it is that you can flip thorough, see something interesting, and then introduce the thought to your partner.
Same old, same old, is never fun in life... however, their are not 365 positions shown.. AWWWW!!!Now spanking 365 giving 365 different positions to be spanked in would be interesting.The spanking photos are NOT from the book

Happy Spankings


wife spanked again

Twice in two days... a wonderful record....

Well, earlier yesterday (I am always posting about something that happened the day before), Cindy got mad about something (I forget what), something minor.. and resulted in about ten hard bare hand spanks on my bottom.... bending over the kitchen counter Problem solved...

Later, Cindy did something that was quite over the top, and I stated that. about five minutes later, Cindy came up to me and asked if I could spank her to solve the problem that she had caused. The gentleman in me required that I agree with her request. Seeing that it was not major like the day before, it was a quick walk to the closest sofa, and Cindy was bare bottomed over my knee. No trace whatsoever of yesterdays spanking.
The spankiong was short, about ten or fifteen bare hand spanks, with some massaging between every few spanks, and then the spanking was done. Cindy popped up and asked if the problem was solved. I agreed immediately, and we hugged and cuddled.Cindy thanked me for the spanking, kissed, and then a quick little fondle, and the problem was gone...

The sex came gloriously later that evening, after dinner out to relax and enjoy osme wine and good food.

Happy Spankings