Cindy spanked

This occurred a couple of weeks ago while we were on vacation. We had been together 24/7 for quite a while, and occasionally it is possible to be grumpy. This time it was Cindy!!! :)

After one significant problem, I suggested that Cindy needs to be spanked, and I believe it should be ten spanks for real with the hair brush. Cindy immediately countered that ten was too many spanks, and she didn't want the hairbrush used.

Well, that at least settled the fact that Cindy knew she was wrong, and that a spanking would clear the air. Although our spankings are consensual, they also solve problems. My reply that I would be strongly spanked if I had done that, and Cindy replied, okay, with the hair brush but not ten spanks...

Progress is occurring. You admit that you are wrong, and that you should be spanked.!

yes Pardon, I did not hear you.. .
Well then, ten spanks will really make you remember won't it.

Back in our hotel room later that night, I had Cindy bare bottomed over my knee, and I was loving every second of it.

A few hand spanks had Cindy counting the number, but I informed her that this was just the warm-up.

Then the hair brush. Whack whack, one per cheek, and OWWW! That's too hard. I started massaging Cindy's bottom to dispel some of the sting, and spread the warmth.

Spank pause spank.. more massaging, as much for my pleasure as Cindy's.Do you think you will remember to behave better? Spank spank
Massage, then spank, spank OWWW ,and some clenching of her bottom.Two spanks left...
WHACK WHACK one per each cheek...OWWWW
More massaging...
and eventually making love...

Problem solved...
Happy Spankings


juliesp said...

i love seeing women "degraded" like in your photos, so long as it's not me!!!

Michael M said...

It is very rewarding to be in a position to give your partner the odd spanking. I lie the last image in your set.
Michael M

Hermione said...

I like the black and white photo best. I hope Cindy thanked you properly.


ronnie said...

A perfect way to clear the air but with the hairbrush, nooooo.

Black and whites my favourite.


Red said...

juliesp: sorry, but we disagree. I do not think a woman or a man being spanked is being degraded, if it is consensual, and an acceptable reason for a spanking. You might like to try being spanked once when you have really been in the wrong...

Micheal M: definitely is fun for me, and also leads to great sex..

Hermione; yes, the black and white is the best, and Cindy (a tad reluctantly) thanked me, as not thanking me would have had the spanking begin again... oh what fun that could be...

ronnie; a hair brush (wooden) certainly solves the problem.

hugs and love