Pegging : The Poll for Males

A popular topic... Pegging...
This has elicited a few comments, much more than usual.Thus i decided to do a little poll to see what might be the truth about some of my readers... I will post on another day to see how many women have tried anal Sex. I wanted this to be a poll for men only..

Pegging ( A question for males only)

Have you ever been pegged by your partner

No, and I do not want to
No, but I am interested in trying this sexual activity

Aside;I checked stat counter, and here were the most recent statistics from people who ventured to my blog, and chose to click on one of the links....
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Happy Pegging


pegging keeps becoming more popular

Now,who is saying what to whom!!!Well, if you happen to look further on the right hand column of this blog, you will see that the third most visited post in this blog is about pegging. My blog has had over 1,615,000 visits, and pegging is the third highest ranked post!!!
I wonder why????I am still very ambivalent about pegging, but more and more pictures occur on any femdom type site. Living with the philosophy of try anything once, within reason, it may happen. We have not discussed it.
However, I saw the following video, and it was both amusing and thought provoking. The poster above is advertising for the movie.
I think this link will get you to the scene about pegging...


If it doesn't and you would like to see the scene, it is funny, but also thought provoking....


I had been wondering about posting this item about pegging, when I read on a friend's blog (Ronnie) about women faking orgasms. Being open in the blogging world is a fabulous idea....
See the discussion by clicking here to get to Ronnie's blog.

To be inhibited about sex, is somewhat to deny oneself possible joy. WHY???Pictures can be dominant submissive Or sweet and softI will let you know if we ever proceed with pegging.
Pictures can be enticing...
the two main posts previous are are:



A good site to visit about this topic:This site is the best I have found!! It is much better than my posts about pegging, and the author is friendly, informative, and posting loving friendly sexy videos., as opposed to the tyrannical dominant / sniveling submissive of many websites : http://sensualpegging.tumblr.com/The photos are mostly from this site, AND THE SEX IS LOVING, NOT ABUSIVE!!!!.and the advice sounds reasonable and intelligent... such as:
"A lot of guys worry about what will happen afterwards. It only affects the rest of your relationship if you let it. Pegging assumes that there is trust and mutual respect. Even with people who are seriously into domination and submission, or even humiliation, they start from there. If you are not in a relationship that includes sex AND trust and respect with you then pegging is a bad idea.
Guys, if you want to be pegged, trust should go right along with a good harness. If you are too scared of the repercussions then find a sex worker. "

One last thought from Ronnie's blog
'We educate ourselves about cooking, gardening, architecture and literature, so why not sex?', to which the reporter comments 'Sounds like my kind of homework'.
What other activities have you tried besides spanking????
happy spankings


Sexual advisor; your Monday smile

our little smile for the day...
A buddy, who had been a co-pilot for many years, , stated that, when he was asked what his job was , he would reply.

"I was the sexual adviser to the Captain.

"When they'd question, "What?"

He'd reply,
"Yeah, the Captain used to say, If I want any fucking advice from you, I'll ask for it!"

Humor is good, spankings are also
Happy Spankings


pre-event spanking

I am creating a new category for my posts that is the pre-event spanking.

This is a spanking that is to motivate good behavior, before some event occurs. This might be having annoying family visiting, going somewhere that is low on your list of things to do, or so far off the list to not be considered,... you get the general idea...

Well, we were going to the "BORING Couple'" for dinner last night, and Cindy stated I should be spanked to make certain I behaved well. I could not disagree (and really why would I), but this lead to a discussion. The discussion was that when we last had dinner with them, we stated "never Again', or words to that effect.

I also added that Cindy was part of the problem, is that she responds in a way with every statement encouraging the person to give greater and greater detail.... all evening... I suggested that she has to not do this, and simply try to change the conversation often whenever we are being snowed under by boring details... "this restaurant was not very good... the fires were cold.. we had to send them back... they forgot the appetizers... and this was all about only one meal on their vacation... Cindy agreed, and I suggested that maybe she should be spanked when we get home if she did not keep attempting to change the conversation, and introduce new topics, as would I. She, reluctantly, agreed that if she did not stay focused, she would be spanked.

well, off to the bedroom we went, and the hurling stick was chosen to make a suitable impression. If you have not read about it's previous usage, see this link..
The position: Bare bottomed, on the bed over pillows to raise my bottom. Cindy however was standing, and I was positioned parallel to the side of the bed. This gave Cindy excellent arc and force, and balance.No nice little hand warm-up, but simply the spanking. Each spank was attention getting, Foot movement commenced almost immediately. After a few spanks, Cindy was pausing to ask if I was breathing (no holding your breath), and then another hard spank to start the dance and owwws..

Cindy lectured a little about behaving at the dinner, and also remarked how much our friend would enjoy knowing she was using this implement to spank me. It is just like she is spanking you, which incidentally has never happened.

When Cindy decided she was about finished, she asked the question "five MORE?"
Funny to hear, as though I had any say whatsoever in how many more spanks would occur. It is actually a lovely touch, as you know these will be thought provoking, and definitely producing a rapid dance routine. Cindy had me count out each stroke.

The dinner... it went remarkably well, and we both jumped in the conversation to change the topic, and focus on different events. A couple of times when the very nice lady was talking (they both are very nice people0, but had really exhausted the topic and was catching her breathe, I started talking about something else. We were thus both talking at the same time, but I continued and she stopped. Cindy did the same, sometimes asking a question about a totally different topic (like their children, or commenting about ours.

The evening went very well, and I think the other couple enjoyed themselves also. (and we did not have to hear three times about the bad meal with cold fries)

Have other couples tried a pre-event spanking to help?Sitting on a hot (still red) bottom, occasionally shifting your position, and wearing erotic panties, certainly keeps you focused on the positives of the evening.

the above photo comes from D and J building a female led household. I will write a review about it in the future. (actually reading the post J got the photo from my blog.. I wonder where i found it.

In addition, the thought of an annoyed and determined partner giving you a second far more serious spanking when you get home [if you did not respond well during the evening] is a wonderful motivator.

Happy Spankings


holding the implement part two

Powerful photos are ones that let your imagination run rampant...
What is that you are holding dear...
No question as to what is about to happen as you sit on the sofa watching the third football game on a Sunday and you see your partner approaching you...
The innocent expression: I am going upstairs, so come join me... and then you see your wife going up the steps..Or, Your wife calling to you while already upstairs, asking you to please join her...
What about the situation when she asks you to come in the bedroom for a moment, and this is the vision that you see...
or, to close, you turn around from reading this blog to see the following setting....The end result will be the following, but personally I prefer seeing a woman's spanked bottom instead of a man's, thus the following well spanked bottom...Happy Spankings


good communication is important

After being married for 38 years, I took a careful look at my wife one day and said ......."Thirty Eight years ago we had a cheap house, a junk car, slept on a sofa bed and watched a 10-inch black and white TV, but I got to sleep every night with a hot 22-year-old girl.

Now ... I have a $500,000.00 home, a $35,000.00 car, a nice big bed and a large screen TV, and ... I'm sleeping with a 60-year-old woman. It seems to me that you're not holding up your side of things."

My wife is a very reasonable woman.

She told me to go out and find a hot 22-year-old girl and she would make sure that I would once again be living in a cheap house,
driving a junk car, sleeping on a sofa bed and watching a 10-inch black and white TV.Aren't older women great? They really know how to solve an old guy's problems.

Happy Spankings


Happy Spanksgiving

May everyone celebrate no matter what ccountry you live in!!! It is always the thought that counts!
The cards come from www.kinkycards.com
They have a wonderful selection,so if you have not devised your own card for our Thanksgiving day festivities, maybe toddle along and send something to ensure that someone's goose is cooked, if you know what I mean...We are home again, and today will be a fun filled day of Turkey and Football and family that live nearby.. Hope the turkey is delicious, and the football games are not in themselves turkeys...
and for the purists, here is traditional spanking artwork...
Happy Thanksgiving



Another victim of this ECONOMY..
It always seems to be the young who suffer the most!
the 'poor little thing' has no shoes!
so you chose the spankingmy my...I think this is a very effective spanking...
and a little penance in the corner will followHappy Spankings