Happy Halloween

You have been mooned...
another type of showing the globes (no just natural)
if you are lucky, your costume might get you spanked..
but if you have no costume, you can always spank yourself...
and it could be quite effectivebut with so many willing spankers in the world...do let us help...
a fun link to a video about a house decorated with lights and music for halloween
The video really gets going at about 1 minute in, giving you time to read the little blurb attached.
Happy spankings


photos and art

So it has been a hard day at work, and you had a disagreement with your wife over the telephone also. You might have said something that you wish you had not stated.

What goes thorough your mind when you see the kitchen chair so elegantly displayed in the center of the kitchen???
Can you already picture what is about to happen?

Is your partner now properly seated, but your focus is solely on the brushHas she decided to first start the spanking by hand, just so she can feel the heat it is generating in your bottom.and must the maid watch while you are being spanked, so she knows how to spank you when mistress is away!!!
Will their be a another spanking by the maid before you change for bedtime
and a reminder spanking when you are ready for bed!!

Happy Spankings


spanking overheard??

We have been traveling quite extensively lately. You may have figured it out in that if you left a comment it did not appear for quite sometime. This blog is fun to write, and a nice amount of people drop by daily, so I build up extra easy posts at times and schedule them for when we are away.

Sometimes we are with family or friends, so no spanking occurs. However, we have not bothered about being overheard by strangers when in a hotel room. We take precautions, like putting the Tv on loud, but you never know. Many hotels you can not hear what goes on next door, but people walking by in the hallway are heard when we are gong to sleep. Thus the soundproofing is less around the door and hallway.

We had just returned to the room to brush our teeth, and pick-up the already packed luggage.

Before leaving our hotel room to catch a flight home, I asked Cindy to give me a spanking to make certain both of us are relaxed in case any unknown situations developed. Cindy readily agreed. [I have taken to carrying a hairbrush on air flights, as it is a simple and easy item readily
In no time, I was bare bottomed over Cindy's knee for a good effective spanking. In such situations, Cindy has the foresight to give many spanks vigorously, then pause for a little explanation why the spanking is occurring, and then continues the spanking.

This has two purposes.
One is to clearly make certain I know what her expectations are.
Another is that if anyone heard the spanking, and let's face it, the sound is quite distinctive, then anyone overhearing the spanking will know exactly who the spanker is, and who is being spanked.

Cindy recommenced the spanking, and then paused to lecture once more. I verbally agreed with her requests, so it was clear the man is being spanked.Cindy then finished the spanking with gusto.

Aside: I had a warm bottom for the entire flight, which was about seven hours.

Aside: when we had gone into the room the maid was cleaning the room next door, as the door was open and her cart was outside.

Spanking over, we picked up the luggage and left, but the maid was outside at her cart, with a perceived big smile on her face..... Oh well, we won't be back at this hotel again for many years, and gives her something to talk about over coffee with her friends. It was clear that the spanking was consensual, because no arguing or loud raised voices had occurred.

Does the idea of someone hearing you being spanked increase the eroticism, or does it worry you? I would like to know your responses.

Happy Spankings


A guy Thing

Why Male Elk Have Long Antlers
It's a guy thing, regardless of Species.

I know you thought yesterday's post lacked taste, but I thought you would find today's a little funny???
yes ma'am, you are right... Happy Spankings


Treating a Black eye

For years, the conventional wisdom has been that the best treatment for a black eye is to cover it with a piece of raw meat.

Scientific studies have proven that while the raw meat helps reduce the swelling and aids in the healing process, applying cold meat actually delays the recovery of the broken blood vessels that cause the bruising around the orbital socket, while frozen meat may cause superficial thermal burns to the skin.

These same studies demonstrated that application of warm and tender meat is much more effective in helping the eyes recover from the damage because the bruising isn't compounded by thermal shock.
Therefore, the next time you get a black eye, try this method:

Administer treatment until pain and swelling are gone.

Caution and side effects:

Like all pain relievers, this method can cause swelling in other areas.
If NOT administered by your partner,

this WILL cause pain and redness on your bottom.



Happy while spanking you

today's rendition shows women enjoying themselves while spanking you.....
A little effort really makes them verbalizethe bigger the implement, the easier to spank a man's bottom
Oh, she is so looking forward to spanking you
and enjoying the view of your bottom turning red
yelping already, why, I have just started
Happy Spankings


a movie i want to watch

She Married Her Boss (1935)

This could be a movie worth watching... just by the photo shown above... Wonder if Cindy would mind???
Maybe she might get even more ideas than she already has...


nude stretch pants

Too funny for wordsFunny...yes???
oops..maybe just a little
oh well
happy spankings


on vacation

We will be on vacation for the next week, so postings will stop until we are back
Happy Spankings


paying the piper

Sometimes you make mistakes, and when you do, as the saying goes, you have to pay the piper.
Fortunately, there are no children at home.
Happy Spankings


Foul language

Cindy spanks me whenever I lose control and use any words that she considers to be foul language. This is certainly been extremely effective.

Happy Spankings



Another link I think many of my readers might like to look at.Waldo is well known as an artist, and he produces many types of spanking art drawings for every persuasion of the spanking scene. Oddly enough, I am not certain if the person known as Waldo is male or female.
This site has many offering that you can purchase, but also simply allows you to browse different categories..... As with all artists, they try to provide whatever the market is willing to purchase...Waldo does include the sexual aspect of a male being spanked. Thus you may find a number of drawings depicting scenes that do not fit your specific fetish.
click here to visit the sites waldo

When you enter, scroll downwards, and click on spanking. You will see a predominance of male spanking female, but a number, some of which I had not seen before, of the female spanking male persuasion.

Lastly, a small comment that the drawings of a woman's reddened bottom is far superior to look at, than that of a man's, but this is a personal preference. And lastly, some of my readers are women who do like to have their bottom warmed... Plenty of these type drawings to savor exist on the siteHappy Spankings


All went well today, except for one brief disagreement, where I raised my voice in justified annoyance. Well, in my mind, it was justified. I have since learned it may not have been seen in the same light by Cindy

The result was she had me stand up, come over to where she was on the computer, and turn around. Cindy lowered my clothing, and then applied a number of very hard hand spanks, to the top of my bottom. It definitely smarted, and effectively ended the disagreement.

Cindy enjoys using a downward arc, which is very effective. What she did with her hand, I do NOT know, but it seemed extremely hard, not the gentle hand I am so happy to hold.

I wonder what Cindy has been reading on the internet, or is she just experimenting, and gauging by my reaction the effectiveness of her methods. Only time will tell.

Unlike the photo, my spanking was fortunately in the house.

Happy Spankings


Spanking Stars

Mooska's tribute to spanking stars

I thought I would do an easy post, as time is of limited availability at the moment.

Julia Jameson
Joanne Jameson
Jennifer BrooksHappy Spankings