Spankings can be often, and life becomes even more enjoyable.

Cindy is beginning to enjoy being spanked, at least small spankings.

Many times when Cindy states something that is annoying or she is being too uptight, I give her bottom a few spanks. Sometimes Cindy wiggles her bottom at me, and is happy and laughing after the spanks. When she has done something annoying, then a few spanks with the nearest wooden spoon in the kitchen is effective.

Similarly, although i am an angel (no, I am not dead), the occasional wooden spoon applied to bare bottom solves the problem nicely.

A few days ago, we were fooling around a little, and for some reason (that I already forget), Cindy stated she should spank me. As we were fooling around, I stated I should spank her. She agreed!!!!!

Sitting on the spanking chair, I lowered Cindy's pants and panties, and started spanking her bottom. Cindy started spreading her legs, giving more area to spank, but also fondle. A combination of spanks, and fondling had Cindy re-acting (becoming very moist). Hard hand spanks simply had her move a bit, and then start rubbing her pussy on my kneecap while I spanked her bottom. Her bottom was red when I stopped.I had her sit on the chair, and then I orally increased her pleasure. However, we did not "do the deed" then, and stopped and made supper.

When supper was finished and cleaned up, Cindy went into our bedroom. After a shower, and putting on sexy lingerie, She called me to our bedroom.It was my turn bare bottomed over Cindy's knees. This spanking was much more significant, as Cindy used her favorite heart shaped metal studded leather paddle, strongly. When Cindy was happy with my active dancing, and a bright red bottom, she switched to the other spanking present that our friend had sent us a long time ago. This wooden paddle is very very effective. Thanks D!!!

When Cindy finally decided the spanking was finished, the love making was absolutely FANTASTIC!

Happy Spankings

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