Notice given for a spanking

A new poll for you to consider, and this can be answered by males and by females who are about to be spanked, whether as play or as discipline..
How much notice are you given before you are spanked...Might it be discovering your wife sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, smiling and inviting you to come over to her for your spanking.
Might it be your arrrival at home to see your wife sitting in the living room holding a paddle.or might it be that you have already been sent upstairs to take all of your clothes off, and stand in the corner until your man comes upstairs to spank you!


How much notice would you prefer for contemplating the forthcoming spanking

No Notice: Bare your bottom and get over my knee now
Minimal notice: Please come with me to the bedroom, I am going to SPANK YOU!
Short notice: Go stand in the corner NOW, and think of the SPANKING you are about to receive, and the reasons why.
Uncertain timing but soon: You arrive home to an empty house, but find the bath brush displayed on the SPANKING chair in the middle of a room.
Tonight: You are informed that you will be SPANKED tonight!
ASAP: you are notified that you will be SPANKED at the first possible opportunity, but the actual time is yet unknown.
Emailed: You receive an email from your partner informing you of the time and date when your next SPANKING will occur!
text messae sent to you informng you that you will be spanked as soon as you return home
Weekly scheduled spanking: Once a week, almost always the same time and day each week.

Current Results

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

Red- Thanks so much for all your posts! Just soo much fun going thru them. The first one here is funny btw! :)

BOB said...

I love the photos that you post of the women beckoning with their crooked finger

Red said...

Weave: I have funn posting,a nd love when people add a comment. You are welcome and drop by often..

Bob: that little finger certainly is the most effective method...