Cindy's sexy spanking

A new twist evolved the other day on our spanking lifestyle. Age has it's own rewards, so the exact reason as to why I thought Cindy should be spanked has long since vanished.However, as a prelude to sex, Cindy was very accommodating.

I sat on the spanking chair, and lowered Cindy's shorts and panties. Cindy lowered herself onto my knees, but in a different position than normal.She positioned her clit squarely on my kneecap, and started eagerly squirming as I began spanking her. Her body was over my thighs, and her feet were on the floor, but she had great fun (as did I) rubbing her clit and pussy on my kneecap with every spank. The rubbing continued even when I was not actually spanking.
I was able to give Cindy many hard bare hand spanks, to receive a cooing and ooohhing response. Cindy might have received about thirty spanks when she decided that we should move on to other fun.The sex that followed was amazing...

May all your spankings have happy results


ronnie said...

Thanks for the mention Red.

Have a good weekend.


Red said...

You are welcome Ronnie, but it was in the posting about anal sex.
happy spankings