femdom artists

Femdom artists is another site some might wish to visit.It has many interesting drawings, and I am only browsing the surface of the site...
http://www.femdomartists.comThe artwork shown on this page is from the site...When we cruise, the following is not our thing
Happy SpankingsRed


Banjo is alive and well, and drawing great art...

Here is a link to his site....http://banjosbbs.blogspot.com

I hope it is acceptable to publish one drawing from his site....

go visit

happy spankings


Thoughts for today

So, let's get this spanking of your bottom started.....
Follow me... (and I am certain you are admiring the view)
care to admire a second view before being spanked...
now get those pants down...
I am getting impatient....
I certainly enjoy spanking you
but I wonder if you are enjoying it as much as I Am.Happy Spankings



I recently posted a picture, that was copyrighted. I am certain this happens often. I find pictures throughout so many flickr, tumblr, and yahoo groups, that most are never attributed to an owner.Whenever contacted, i try to either post about the site, or simply remove the picture(s)...
A site you might like to visit for M/F and F/F pictures is http://www.shadowlane.com

The site has some really sexy spanking pictures...here is where the actual photos are from


and if you click on more details you will find the story line in pictures and words...

So thanks to Tony Elka and Eve at SHADOW LANE for permitting me to use these pictures....
Go visit...Happy spankings


Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Barbeau gives us today's offerings

and if I have to go and find that switch, and unfortunately she did
it will be 40 extra a day for the next forever....Happy Switchings


women happy to spank you

I am always glad to see and post pictures of women that are smiling, and holding any implement that can be used to spank a person....

This woman will delight you (actually light a fire on your bottom with a bath brush)whereas this woman is inviting you over her lap for a good bottom warming
This lady seems to be saying" oh, you think you will enjoy this do you...
in this photo Kelly Payne is looking quite assuredly that you rexplanation to avoid a spanking is not working..
and now the main even t has started, tot he delight of the spanker and us, the audienceHappy Spankings


computer settings

Finally a computer setting I understand!Would you like the wine with or without a spanking! These people said with!!!Happy Spankings


too late

Some things never change, but behavior modification does work over time...so whether you are in the general office
or in the private boardroom
Happy Spankings


Happy to Spank you

Well now, Are we not about to have a good time...You love being spanked, and this woman is happy to spank youDefinitely a win win situation.so let your fantasies run wildWe can see that you are eager to beginso do not dawdle
the paddle and lap await

let the warm-up beginHappy Spankings