you want to be spanked

Here is a collection of a few photos of women ready and willing to spank you.
The warning above, and the artwork at the end come from http://drf-blogs.blogspot.com/
but I found the material on another persons blog, and now I can't find his blog when i need it to publicize it. I will find it again soon. No need for the cane, I promise to find it soon..The following might be a delightful spanking... holding promise for laterAs with this photo, not only your bottom will be bouncingand this promised to be a good old fashioned whupping... from the following ladyso
Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

As always, a great collection of our favorite kind of Ladies: Those who spank!

And of course, it reminds me of my own favorite Spanking Lady.

Ken (Still unable to leave comments as the 'real' me)

Red said...

Ken: glad you like the post. The interesting thing is that their are now about 4000 hits on my site each day, and only a very very few comments. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
happy spankings