A fun site to visit every now and then is the following for m/f and f/f pictures of the day.http://thomasspicks.blogspot.com/
Thomas has a number of blogs, and many many links to other spanking sites.A really good feature is that if you click on any picture, it takes you to the site that has these photo.The pictures are great, and what I specially enjoy is besides seeing the beautiful reddened bottoms of ladies, the fact that their are no photos showing blood or dangerous looking stripes that you see on some other people's sites.Another siteThomas has is http://notmyoriginalvows.blogspot.com/ and his August 8th posting
is very amusing... the coin with a frontal naked woman on one side, and her naked bottom on the other side.
"Dilligafs" stands for: "Do I look like I give a Fucking Shit."

Go and have a look
Happy Spankings


Hermione said...

I'm sure Thomas is grateful for the shoutout today.

Actually, Not My Original Vows is Katia's blog. But she and Thomas have a spanking arrangement so perhaps he is also an author.


Red said...

Hermione: You are most certainly correct, as I was only clicking around, not seriously reading. Apologies to Katia. I would send Thomas a note about the posting, but could not find an email address.