Solution for Migraines

Not covered by health insurance, everyone who

has tried this remedy had only good reaction to the results!

If you suffer from Migraines

I tried this and in 2 minutes Bam, it was gone!

You can also hear the ocean.

A friend wrote back to me:

You are absolutely right; in desperation I tried that, I was instantly cured of the Migraine.

I did NOT hear the ocean, however I did smell it.

and then some friends dropped by who were offended by the posting, and each wanted to add many spanks to your bottom.
such that you were indeed chastised
and they were extremely happy with the result
Happy Spankings
(a laugh a day keeps you young and happy)


ronnie said...

Thanks for the smile. I think I pass the first picture to P, he suffers from migraines:)


Red said...

HERmione: glad you enjoyed the post.

BOB said...

Thanks for posting these. I love the bottom 3 where a wife is spanking her husband in front of her female friends.The gleeful looks on thier faces is great

Red said...

bob: glad you enjoyed them, and thanks for adding a comment.