interesting statistics

I am always amazed by the statistics that are produced about my little blog. Here is a snapshot that was taken on August 8, at 1:47 PM

Sunday had a total of 7448 pageloads, 2561 unique visitors, of which 366 had been to this blog at least once before.

What is funny is that not one person left a comment besides my good Canadian friend Hermione. Obviously, some of you deserve a lesson in manners, because a comment each month would do wonders for the author of this blog. So that's right, stand up straight while I lecture you..
and then it's off to the woodshed for your spanking...
and this applies to both men and women...
and i hope you enjoy the afterglow
Happy Spankings


Michael M said...

Sorry not to have commented before.
I drop by your blog pretty much every day and appreciate the style and the images.
I am in a marriage where spanking has played a major part of our lives together but where my wife is not a spanko. She "consents" to my desires. I get punished/spanked on a regular basis.
Right now I am in a bar sitting opposite a woman who would be my ideal spanker - short blonde hair, long legs, dressed in white shirt and dark blue skirt just below her knees. Maybe I should let her see inadvertently see this screen.
Best wishes
Michael M UK

Hermione said...

Hi Red,

This is an interesting topic. Some days, I get quite a few comments, but total page loads are down. Other times - like the weekends I've been Chrossed - I get triple the usual number of hits, but rarely an additional comment on the Chrossed post.

You get over six times as many hits per day on average as I do, yet far fewer comments. Perhaps it has to do with your blog's appeal as a place for great pictures. I think that picture blogs tend to get few comments.

7,488 hits on Sunday. I'm so jealous!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red-
Of course, I had to have a small chuckle regarding this post. We too, have seen the same thing in our statistics. We are just grateful to know that our blog is relatively popular, as is yours and that the idea of our Ladies spanking us is a growing trend.

I do leave a comment or two, so don't consider myself in line for one of the 'formal' spankings. But I may just ask Cora for a spanking, anyway. What could it hurt! ;-)
Ken (SpankedbyWife & SpankedbymyLady blog)
(BTW, its really, really frustrating not being able to leave a comment with my 'Google Account'. That is one of the reasons I haven't been leaving as many comments as I used to and perhaps its affecting others, too.)

MrSpanker1972 said...

This is awesome good work .
Altho it is just fun to spank outdoors no need for a woodshed :)

Anonymous said...

So, apart from a sense of humour you also have feelings?
Unforunately I have precious little time to even read through your blog properly let alone make comments. But shall make an exception on this occasion.
Your blog is indeed wonderful and amongst the best going round. Thank you for taking the time and trouble writing it as I'm sure it gives as much enjoyment to others as it does to this little black duck.
All the best.

ronnie said...

I do leave comments Red but I'm happy to take a spanking:)

Hermione could be right, I get less comments when I post pictures than I do when I post a story or some other subject and when I'm Chrossed my numbers sore but no extra comments.

I don't worry about stats/hits I just enjoy my blog and sharing.


Anonymous said...

It's just one of those things. I'm not big on making comments but I do love your blog.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I try to refrain from commenting unless I think I have something unique or really clever to say. Both are rare events.

While I like most of your content, there is little substance for me to chew on and have something other than a me too comment. I don't expect comments when I post eye candy which is 3 to 4 days a week. I would appreciate more comments on the other days - but I don't get them. And so it goes.

If you are doing your Blog for page loads, you should be happy. We get 1/4 of your traffic. Frankly, I had to look and see what our traffic is. I had no idea,

OBB is, by design, in a small niche. We could improve page loads if we choose to post pictures of ourselves. For our grand-kids sake we don't.

Keep on Blogging and don't worry about stats or page loads.

J said...

I'm sorry.

I love your blog and its a part of my daily web browsing. Its been entertaining, given us some ideas, provided great pictures and started conversations between D and myself.

I don't comment very often but will come out every now and then. I'll try to be a little more active. Of course if spankings are promised then there is no guarantee ;)

Red said...

Michael M; Thank you for giving some info from a person who looks at this blog. Pleasant dream to show the screen to the attractive blonde. Great to know your wife spanks you. Cindy started slowly ever so long ago, but by combining spanking with great sex, she has become an avid spanker....

Hermione: thanks for always commenting, and what you state is very true... Not much to comment about a picture

Ken: It is fun to know that a lot of people have a similar interest, shown by the amount of people that come to the blog with no referring link. Thanks for your comments, and instead fo being frustrated just sign Ken and put a link to your blog.

Mrspanker1972: outdoor spankings are great, because of the potential of being seen or heard or both... Thanks for commenting..

Steve; glad to know you like the blog.... humor and feelings.. a good combination, drop by often

Ronnie: thanks for all the comments you leave, and as you say, I enjoy writing the blog, and the feedback is just a wee bit of gravy...

Dan: thanks for the positive feedback

Bogey: I have the same thought when Hermione states write the caption... many times i have no idea of anything clever to say... Definitely no pictures of ourselves will ever appear here.

Thanks to everyone (whether you added a comment or not..) I enjoy writing the blog, and I am happy that people stop by for a look, and return as frequently as they want.

Keep Smiling
Happy Spankings

Red said...

J: Glad you like the blog. It is always nice to hear occasionally. Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

Since this is my first time and I was only surfing the web I really can't comment on things. You seem to be more F/f and some F/m thrown in there for variety. Also, without reading more I wouldn't know if you were serious or a spanko. Since my time is limited and valuable (my husband, yes we are gay, write discipline books and live it) I can't be certain that I will be back. I'm sure those who come often love what you have though. Good luck with it and stay safe!

Red said...

caleb: thanks for dropping by... I am a spanko
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I do believe that husbands should be disciplined with a paddle on occasion. My wife doesn't share that belief she thinks that a husband should behave without being spanked. She thinks the silent treatment works. I think that a paddling would work much better.

Red said...

anon: The silent treatment simply prolongs the anger or bad feelings, and can continue for days. This causes stress, and unhappiness. Spank the blues away.... And you have to then make a very concerted effort not to do the thing that caused you to be spanked... and ... I recommend you visit the www.disciplinarywivesclub.com for more on this matter, and good luck
bottoms up