humor f/m Sundays

Who would have thought the Japanese could be so inventiveSomehow, the look says she did not think that was funny
What are you thinking my love...
but wait, she has told you to go upstairs for the remainder of your spanking, ad giving you a helping hand to be quick...
first , you will need to kiss my feet... while I consider what implement to use...
now let's having you dancing to the beat of the spanks...

Happy spankings


  1. No, that was NOT at all funny. You deserve the crop for posting that picture. How many strokes? Hmmm, let's see...

    One for each letter in the caption should do it!

    Happy Consensual Spanking Day (tomorrow).

  2. Hermione: That's 102 strokes.... Glad I am married to Cindy.... smiles (and as Ron would say... Hold on...that's a bit harsh isn't it...0
    Happy Spankings


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