Unfortunately, as many people know, the good people at Endart have closed up shop for now, if not permanently.Many of their drawings are now being posted in many yahoo goups, and other places.It is probably the sign of the times, as so much free material exists that many people never pay to see artwork or pictures or video.So, like the tape deck of old, and the end of the long playing records, we are now experiencing the end of the CD and DVD. (Blockbuster in bankruptcy certainly proves the point elegantly.)
So farewell old friend.
Happy Spankings


BOB said...

Thanks for posting these.I had never heard of endart.They are great artwork.Is it just me,or does the 4th photo down from the top, look like Hillary Clinton spanking Bill?

Red said...

Bob: you could be right about Hillary and Bill.I have many more, but will use only sparingly, as I cannot send people to the website.