deculottee - pull down one's pants

I would have loved to take this picture!!!!If you are a connoisseur of women's bottoms, and who isn't, then this tumblr site might be worth the occasional look now and then... (not daily for 5 hours)The site when I wrote this a few days ago had 4631 pages, and with approximately 10 photos per page, you have at least 46,310 photos.Their are also occasional photos of men!Some photos show spanking!
Some photos display beautifully spanked bottoms
Some show wonderful positioned ladies that you could dream of spanking.Many are of oriental women, and perhaps this is a Japanese tumblr site.http://deculottee.tumblr.com
Happy dreams about spanking


  1. Dear Red,
    I have a good read of your great blog... And see that post about "déculottée"... Well, it's not an asian site... It's mine and I'm French... It was a great way to share all the wonderful pics I collected on the net...
    Now I'm done with it, maybe I will feed it again someday...
    On the right side of the "déculottée" page, there's a few links to parallel blogs I ran too. ;-)
    And I've got a more personal blog about cornertime... More male oriented, but there's some women punished too...
    Keep up the good works !

  2. Mikkim:
    Thanks for saying hello (Merci pour dire bonjour)
    You have a wonderful number of tumblr sites, and I do hope hope someday you begin to add pictures again.
    I will look at your personal blog, and publicize it in the next few days.
    Merci, une autre fois, pour les photos vous avez donnez pour toute le monde pour voir.
    a la bientot

  3. Tsss, tssss, bad old Babylon translator again... But thanks for your efforts anyway ;-)

    I will do an entry about my favourite blogs soon... Yours will be included of course ;-)


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