another day, another spanking

Some days are like the title says.... Bloody marvelous, pip pip, and all that that Ronnie might never day...
We never have blood, just so that you are aware. Our spankings are for fun and to satisfy my fetish, and Cindy's growing fetish.

Last evening, after dinner was complete and everything in the dishwasher and cleaned up, Cindy stated she was going to take a bath. AHA!

About 40 minutes later, Cindy called out to me to please come to the bedroom. Cindy was looked amazing in sexy lingerie, and after a little cuddling and caressing and kissing, she requested I get a leather implement and something else.

I chose the leather heart shaped , metal studded paddle, and a lexan paddle.

Cindy sat on the chair, and requested I remove my clothing. Cindy was pleasantly (I think) delighted to see the panties I was wearing, as when she was in the bath, i chose panties and put them on!

A liitle fondling while I stood beside her, and I suggested that I should get some shoes to raise her legs slightly.

I retrieved the shoes, and kissed and sucked her toes a little before putting the shoes on. This is something I am starting to enjoy, as is Cindy.Shoes on, it was panties down and over the knees I went. Cindy started with a hand spanking, but quickly moved to the leather paddle.

Cindy remembered that a previous leather paddle had been ineffective, so she immediately started full force with this paddle. WOW!!! This paddle is effective, and I soon had the dancing feet syndrome.That in no way had Cindy pause or lighten up, as she stayed on one spot, and then moved to another after a number of spanks. The pointed tip kept wrapping, either onto the far side of my cheek, or in between the cheeks when she spanked the closest cheek.In no manner was Cindy going to give me an ineffective spanking, AND I MUST HAVE DANCED UP A STORM. When she tired, she slowed, and then stopped, and rubbed my bottom as I relaxed.Oops, Cindy then reached for the lexan holey paddle.

Cindy used this one, but over the knees is probably not dong the implement justice, as it was mostly thuddy! I felt it, but it did not re-start my dancing.

Cindy stopped after about a minute of slowly spaced spanks, and again gently massaged my bottom, then spread her legs a little to massage my penis.

I was then permitted to stand up, and I thanked Cindy for the spanking. We immediately started kissing and fondling, and then moved to the bed for both oral and then screwing. We both had fabulous O's.

Spankings can be strong, and a lot of fun for both of us.

Happy Spankings

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