Well, this is being written on our anniversary, but will not be posted any time soon.It is 10:30 in the morning, and Cindy has already been over my knee for twelve good spanks on her bare bottom, for simply over re-acting to a minor problem. Sometimes, Cindy just needs everything to be perfect, and life is not simply that easy. Her computer was not connecting to the internet, and she wanted it fixed immediately.

She had wanted me to scan a couple of photos, and I was in the midst of doing that, when she wanted the computer fixed. Hovering over me while I scouted out the problem, as opposed to relaxing. She pointed out a feature that would permit setting up a new network, which would be a big mistake.

After she went off to do something else, I was able to check all the plugs (she said she had done this), and found that the little receiver that is attached had fallen down behind the machine, and was slightly unplugged. When placed back on the computer desk, and plugged all the way in, the computer network was back up and running.I must admit the spanking was enjoyed more by me than by Cindy, but she did not mind being spanked.Later in the afternoon (now writing in the past tense), Cindy had me bare bottomed over her knee for a good taste of the carpet beater. I had put panties on around noon, and Cindy was pleased when my pants came down to see the erotic panties. This carpet beater was sent to us as a present from two friends, and Cindy remarked how delighted they would be that it was once again put to such good use. Cindy experimented with me in a couple of positions, and used it with as much strength as she could muster.
Thank you Danielle, for having sent this to us. The above picture shows our carpet beater exactly as it is.We then proceeded to cuddling and fondling, when the phone rang. Damn those phones that show caller Id. It was family, calling to wish us a happy anniversary. Cindy answered, and chatted for a while.

To help re-generate the passion, I ended up over Cindy's knees with the bath brush making the music. My feet were dancing in no time whatsoever, and Cindy commented about their skill. Cindy spanked for a short while, and I thought the spanking was over.However, Cindy stated that she was going to give me one spank for each year of marriage, and that I was to count them. Fortunately I did not have to state something memorable about each year, because we might not have been able to remember each year.

As we have been married for many years ,(more than 30), these spanks were quite significant, and always makes one wonder what my fascination with being spanked is all about.

We then proceeded to make passionate love, with as many different little additions as possible. Sucking Cindy's toes has become more common, and I am growing to like it, as is Cindy. This is something I initiated. Have you tried it? Then oral play, and finally screwing our brains out was the order of the day.
What a wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary, and my bottom felt it for a few days.

Dinner out at a restaurant was fun, and a wonderful day for both of us.

Many happy spankings is our wish to all readers


Hermione said...

Happy anniversary Red and Cindy! That calls for a celebration, as does fixing the computer. I am the computer technician in the family, but luckily Ron just tells me about the problem then leaves me to it. I usually demand a spanking by way of payment when I have solved the problem :)

Toes? well, the dogs like to lick my toes, probably because of the fragrant lotion I apply to my feet. I'm not sure Ron wants to take his turn after they're through.

I don't need to ask the secret of your long marriage; your blog name says it all!


ronnie said...

Happy belated anniversary Red and Cindy. Sounds like you celebrated the day in true style.

Toe sucking, no never tried that. I may like it but I don't think P would.

Love and best wishes to you both,

Red said...

Hermione: thanks for the good wishes. so, do you occasionally cause a little computer problem just to be spanked... Toes after a bath is great, after the dogs I would give that a definite no.

Ronnie; thanks for the good wishes... Toes is only a recent development, not during the first 29 years of marriage...

Happy spankings

Hermione said...

ROFLMAO! Good heavens, no! There are enough problems with the computer as it is! I don't need to create more. I do think that I deserve a thank-you spanking after I sorted out the latest virus attack and installed better AV software, so that it won't happen again.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!
I enjoy your site very much;
I look it up every day.
I tried to contact you earlier on my Google
account, but it wouldn't go through.
That's why I'm using Anonymous, to see if I
get through.
My name is Richard, and thank you.

Red said...

Hermione: hope the new anti virus works... could it be all the naughty sites you visit... just another reason to be spanked.

Richard: glad you like the site... my email address is red.often@yahoo.com

happy spankings

Danielle said...

As you see, I didn't comment here for a while, neither have I read your posts. Yet, today it seems my interest in spanking blogs is back, like earlier the need to spank my husband. Of course, he just 'asks' to be spanked.

Red, I'm very glad that Cindy found such a good use for that particular tool :-) and that at the same time you could think of me.

Red said...

Danielle: Always a loving wife spanking your husband when needed, and you get to decide when he needs it :)
Glad to read you have some spanking desires once again.
Cindy remarked that I had to thank you for the present, and that it was really fun to use it on me on our anniversary. I appreciated the thought that it was from you and John, well, at least at the beginning.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

The three pictures where a carpet beater is used are all from Europe (Holland, Italy and the UK). Its traditional (or "official") use has been pre-empted by the vacuum cleaner, but it is still widely used for disciplinary purposes (mostly f/m). My (French) wife uses it occasionally -and I can testify to its effectiveness...

Red said...

anon: hope your wife continues to use it effectively

Anonymous said...

She does - but only twice over the past year :-)