all fours tumblr

I have yet to join tumblr, as their are so many different places one can join on the internet.Remembering passwords, different ids, etc, just seems a little daunting.One always wonders that if one site is hacked, then the password you useo n other sites might be compromised.http://onlyallfours.tumblr.comHowever, for those readers, myself included, who love the view of women displaying their bottoms, you might enjoy taking a gander at this site.Then again, I love looking at women, clothed or unclothed, and in just about every position possible.This last one was not on the site, but might be a fun inclusion.


BOB said...

MR Red
It seems like every day that you link to another great tumbler site. Thanks for sharing the links!

I also have to agree with you on the bottom photo in this post.It is great!

Red said...

Mr. Bob:
glad you like the links.. I have fun finding them.Imagining the woman waiting for you to spank them can be fun..and the view is terrific.