spanking and sex

I should make it perfectly clear that we enjoy making love, and that a spanking does not occur every time we make love.

In addition, we many times have a few spanks, without any sexual follow-up except some saucy fondling or kissing or a quick lick or suck, and sometimes a number of on the spot spanks of a harder nature solving a minor disagreement.However, as this blog is about spanking, then I focus on occasions where spanking occurs, or spanking and sex occurs, but not when sex occurs on its own.

Late last week, had us returning to the scenario of spanking. You might have noticed that this blog had been filled with other items, as opposed to spanking in our life. My bottom also noted the lack of spanking that had occurred recently.

I imagine many readers have experienced that regular weekly or bi/weekly spanking makes your bottom a little less tender, so that the spanks do not sink inwards as easily.

Thus, when Cindy announced that maybe a little spanking and sex might be a good idea, I was both delighted and dismayed just a tad.

We walked into our bedroom, and after a little thought, Cindy suggested I retrieve the bath brush. (yikes!) Cindy sat in her (now) favorite chair, and after retrieving the brush, I handed it to her. Cindy put the bath brush on the floor, and looked at my clothes and nodded. This is a signal to remove my shorts and underwear. Cindy commented on my erection as I lowered my underwear, and gave it a loving caress and a little kiss.

"Too bad this is going to disappear", she said. I replied that it will return to life later. Cindy smiled, and patted her knee, the signal that I should lower myself over her knees. Cindy very adeptly placed my erection between her thighs, and commented how good it feels, giving a few squeezes with her thighs to foretell things to come.A hand spanking first occurred, and Cindy is quite excellent using her hand. She definitely heats up the target quickly, and uses some glancing spanks that somehow are harder than straight on spanks. Maybe there is more speed in the arc of the arm and hand, but I certainly can tell the difference. She also uses different combinations of her palm, or fingers, or entire hand making the next spank always unknown, for both location and effect.Having remarked how red my bottom was getting, Cindy stated that it was time to use the bath brush that I had so kindly retrieved for her. She patted it against her palm for a moment, and that usually portends a harsher application, as she is being certain that she will get wrist action into each spank.A rapid strong flourish to start, had my feet dancing in no time. Cindy paused, and remarked " well that was certainly effective", and then proceeded to do slow spanks alternating cheeks, and wandering onto the back of my legs just below the crease. Those are extremely memorable.Then, a return to harder quick spanks on one spot, until my feet were once again dancing, and then moving to another spot to re-start my movements to the beat of the bath brush.

When Cindy stopped, my bottom was quite on fire! I was permitted to stand up, and thanked Cindy for the spanking. Cindy stood up, and we caressed and kissed, and fondled each other. Cindy was already wet from a few moments of fondling, meaning that the moisture had long since started while the spanking was happening. I sprang back to life below the waist as we moved to the bed to make passionate love. Our climaxes were extremely powerful.

Spanking is arousing for both of us, and is an erotic slow moving foreplay, well slow moving except maybe for my feet dancing.

Happy Spankings


  1. Red-
    Great description of Cindy's spanking style. I almost felt it was me over her lap getting spanked. But then it appears her style is similar to my Lady's (Cora).
    Ken (SpankedByWife)
    P.S. Still having trouble making comments using my real profile.

  2. Yes, I have noticed that frequent spanking makes me much less tender, but I couldn't ask for them to stop.

    A lovely description of a fun time together.


  3. Ken: Glad to know we are similar in some aspects... not certain what the problem is that you describe. Are you logged in to blogger before you start to leave a comment... that is, I log in to my blog FIRST, then use my blog list to go to other sites, and then add comments.
    Hermione: yes, we did have fun
    happy spankings


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