NJSPANK's fantasy becomes real

NJSpank. I will not be too graphic but I think the message will be clear.

Real life story:

We planned a weekend away to explore some of our spanking fantasies. My partner and I have been into the scene now for over one year. We go slowly but decided to try a weekend of fun and some personal exploration. Well the scenes were set but I had a bit of a life changing event happen the day before we were leaving. Nothing horrible but tough. We decided to go anyway but the fantasy was off as we both agreed.

After a nice day and evening of talking and discussing the event we enjoyed a nice dinner and some very satisfying time that night. No spanking involved.

Again the next day was spent together with some nice exercise and the like. We talked the event through all it's element. We were sitting quietly when my partner suggested I check her suit case and if I did not come back in ten minutes and I was up for it, she would come to the room.Simply put, in her suit case were two pair of white, silky panties and her brush! I thought for a moment but since she made the suggestion, I did not go back down. Well my partner caught me red handed wearing one pair and holding the other panty. This was my fantasy.She was furious that one of her "students" was caught going through the girls locker room stealing panties. She marched me into the room by the ear, sat in a straight back chair, lowered the panty I had on and place me over her lap. The principal then gave me a very long but easy hand spanking on the bare bottom. She then made me go get her brush and change into the other panty. She put me back over her knee and brushed me easy but long over the panty. I then had to change and get back over her knee. She made me hold the other pair and then brushed me long and extremely hard until I was screaming! She spanked me as hard as we ever did together. Was incredible.

From there, need to be discrete but I was told to leave the panty on and service her until satisfaction of her only. I am sure you know what I mean. Then I was told to lay over her lap and she again spanked me with her hand now, lightly over the panty until I satisfied myself into the panty!!!Our mutual passion followed quickly after clean up!!!

Thanks NJ, for sharing with all my readers. Any other events you would like to share would be greatly appreciated.

Any other spankers or spankees out there who do not have a blog to share their story can always send it to me privately so that I can post for everyone!

Happy Spankings


Hermione said...

That was quite an experience. Red, it would be great if other readers without blogs shared their experiences here too.


P.S. If you can, join us at Bonnie's for brunch. She has a fun question this week.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Red, seems a lot of us enjoy wearing panties while being spanked. My wife makes sure I have plenty of them, she gets me new ones every Christmas, and has since we met.