Miss Chris

Over time I have posted probably close to a thousand or more photos related to spanking. Some are of disciplinarians, that have their own website. I have never knowing used photos from these individual sites,except with the express permission of the owner. However, many of these photos are in different yahoo groups, and now on tumblir.

One photo I have really liked I have probably used a number of times. My real idea of spanking is that the spanker is happy while waiting to spank you, and also while they are spanking you.Cindy enjoys spanking me.

Thus this picture is truly interesting to look at, and let your imagination roam. I am certain your eyes roam from the happy friendly and warm smile to the devastatingly looking wooden paddle.
Unfortunately, no name was ever attributed to the photo. Things are improving because many websites post the name of the site on the photo, making it difficult to remove. I do not alter photos, as I do not have neither the inclination, nor the software.

I received an email from Miss Chris;
"Hello there Red! A good friend and spankee of mine turned me onto your blog when he noticed a couple of my photos showing up on your most recent post. You certainly may keep them up, but I would love a credit and a link in your links area to my website. I'm Miss Chris, professional disciplinarian, my site is http://www.missschris.com and your most recent posting has two of my photos, the attitude adjuster paddle photo, and another one with the DWC's Holy Terror going up the stairs is also of me.
Love the blog though, and keep up the wonderful work!
Miss Chris
[Bottom Warmingly,Miss Chris]

Miss Chris is a very charming disciplinarian, who also is amazingly attractive. I thank her for permitting me to use the photos, and I recommend you look at her site. Miss Chris is equally effective spanking men or women.
It is really amazing, and wonderful to know that women will go to a disciplinarian, as well as men. (more of these thoughts in another post)There are excellent pictures, a clear explanation of the services offered, and what you would expect to happen.
If you look at http://www.missschris.com/collaborativeprojects.htm you will see a very effective video with the title: Mischief Makers 3

If you look at the tools of the trade section, you will find some excellent role play scenarios and photos. (I love the next picture of Miss Chris spanking Clare Fonda... but wonder if we will see photos of Clare Spanking Chris.)
So, go visit... the website...
Happy Spankings


  1. Going over some of your older posts, I am struck by how much the top picture (and only that one!) reminds me of J. - and, specifically, of a memorable spanking she delivered in a hotel room in Bourg-en Bresse (France) some years ago... Hotel chains all have such predictable decor! :-)


  2. There is nothing i enjoy more than seeing clare f over your knee with a red toasted butt and tears flowing freely

  3. L: I imagine J was smiling and looking beautifully happy.

    Daddy: I would love to spank Clare once, and for her to return the favor.

    bottoms up


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