i have come across a few photos, and finally placed them all in one folder for eventual retrieval and posting. One problem in saving photos is that they could fit in so many categories, that I eventually give up and save them by months. That makes retrieval almost impossible....
This first photo could be showing the man being brought to orgasm, prior to going over her knees for a spankingIn reading other more severe f/m blogs, one comes across the topic of the male having orgasm before being spanked. The blogger, or others that comment explain how the spanking is much more severe on the spanked person. No medical proof is ever offered, but it seems a reasonable result to the spanking.

This next photo probably comes from a video that was produced for purchase, as he is clearly simply standing their with his hands behnid his back, and she is clearly sitting on a chair where he might next be found over her knees being spanked
I have wondered what it would be like, and have pondered asking Cindy to try spanking me after sex. When we are both exhilarated and satiated from sexual activity, the most comforting thing we do is cuddle, and bask in the enjoyment just shared.

At that point, it seems like it would be a complete downer to the mood between us to begin a spanking. If the thought pops to mind while we are making love, it immediately sprints away after we have climaxed.

In reading, it appears that in a Domestic Discipline female lead relationship, sometimes you read where the man is first brought to orgasm, and then he is spanked.
These nest two photos are what encouraged me to write this post, simply to share the photos. The appearance of a barn side cow milking springs quickly to mind.

If any readers have ever tried this, do write in and share your reactions to this event. It could equally happen with a woman being first brought to climax and then spanked.
of course, being spanked after sex would be extremely disciplinary!
These last five photos come from one video shoot I imagine,
and interesting
until you see that it is in front of friends,
who like to give a helping hand

MILKING (orgasm before being spanked)

Have you ever been orgasmed (milked) before being spanked

yes, and i am male
yes, and i am a female
no, but I am male and interested
no, but I am female and interested
no, and i am male
no, and i am female

happy spankings


Our Bottoms Burn said...

"being spanked after sex would be extremely disciplinary"

It sure would be for me. We don't do discipline. We paddle, then have sex. I see your poll shows quite a few men like sex, then spanking.

As for women, since many are multi-orgasmic, you can do spank and sex as long as you can hold out.

Red said...

Bogey: interesting observations. We have never spanked after sex, just no inclination whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I've been milked then spanked. It was an experiment by my Mistress to find methods to enhance a spanking. The rational is that by ejaculating the male loses testorone and therefore all the things that makes him macho and brave. I felt that I wasn't in a mood for a spanking and therefore it really felt much worse. Just like Red said - no inclination afterwards.


Red said...

disciplinedboyfriend: Thank you for sharing... did you post about this incident... defintiely makes a spanking far worse...


Anonymous said...

Hi Red, this is not something I've blogged about yet. The last time was an experiment, next time it'll be deliberate and that'll make such a good topic.


Red said...

A: look forward to your future posting... when you are both ready to experiment again

Anonymous said...

I love the pony tailed blond! My fave look... And her dress appeals a lot. I'd love to see if her lips were colored red hot and sexy!

Red said...