the look

The look simply tells you your fate is sealed, and it is fiery red bottom time coming immediately to someone you know.Your eyes fleetingly glance at the clothes brush she is determined to use on your bare bottom..Sometimes you believe that you were called to her room simply to talk, when you turn the corner and know that the only talking you will be doing is probably babbling and begging forgiveness.
The next time, she is coming upstairs to get you, do not even think of leaving.and the finger tells you exactly where you are wanted... bare bottomed right here young man...Her inward satisfaction is causing you extreme discomfort, let alone the fleeting look you give at the cane she is holding. She loves your reaction when your eyes move to the cane and then quickly back to her.
a few more photos to deliciously ponder
bare bottom time
happy spankings


  1. Very nice. Sometimes the waiting's worse than the beating.

  2. I love the mirrors in the first picture. You get a glimpse of another side of the mistress.


  3. Her toy; The waiting can be worrisome.

    Hermione: mirrors can really add to the attraction. Thanks for pointing the mirrors out.

    Happy Spankings


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