just where are you looking

I thought the above art was funny... but i doubt it was drawn by Schultz... What do you think... oops
I thought i might focus today's post on where exactly a man's eye wonders to , when he knows he is about to be spanked....
I kind of doubt that you focus on the legs for long..
and maybe the carpet does need changingShe told you to follow, and even though she is beautiful, something has caught your EYE!!!
The stockings and high heels are amazing
is she getting impatient while waiting for you to disrobe, that dangling shoe is ominous...
definitely the hnds on the hips state you have stalled too long
Get over that lap NOW!!!
Very little thinking going on in your mind, except agreeing to every word she is saying...
Happy Spankings
Note; Spanking photos without faces can be very effective.
PPS: Two photos are of Miss Chris... The attitude adjuster, and the elegant woman walking up the stairs holding a wooden paddle with holes in it.


Anonymous said...

Great Pics, I'd follow #6 anywhere she wanted, love the seamed stockings, and high heels, and the hairbrush.
And I'd happily fall over the lap of # 10, of course I'd probably regret it. Then again maybe not.


Hermione said...

I'm pretty sure Schultz didn't do that cartoon!

Love the shopping bag in the second picture. What if Cindy carried one?


Red said...

James: I am certain you would regret it during the spanking, but love the thoughts afterwards..

Hermione: Cindy is becoming more open and flirtatious about spanking ,but this bag might be a little over the top, by a top.

happy spankings