fun on vacation

Vacations are always fun, and our last one was no exception. We have reached the stage where we are careful, but willing enough to be adventurous and have spanking as part of our lifestyle, even though in a motel.
We brought the trusty wooden hairbrush with us, and I experimented a little by trying to hear people in the next room. One wonders how effective that is, as you do not really know if anyone is there. If people passed by outside, you could hear them talking.

Who knows, the thought of being overheard is always a little extra icing on the cake. Would it be like the first photo, with one woman enjoying hearing the spanks and reactions,or would it be as though an entire room of women were enjoying the event.
Needless to say, these thoughts are fantasy.

The third day we came back to the motel in the evening, Cindy stated that we should make use of the hair brush that I had so thoughtfully brought along. I suggested that I should turn the television on, and Cindy agreed.

The room thoughtfully had a chair available, and Cindy picked up the hairbrush and beckoned me to her. Standing beside her, she requested I remove my pants, and then my underwear. With a guiding hand, she first caressed my erection,a nd then guided me over her lap, spreading her legs to tuck me between her thighs. "making certain that I did not try to get away."

First a hand spanking as warm-up, and then a strong session with the hair brush, something that had been missing in our life for awhile. Cindy made certain to lecture a little, just in case anyone was listening. With this knowledge, they would know that she was giving the spanking, not receiving the spanking.
Cindy used a variety of techniques with the hair brush, and delighted in staying on one exact spot until my feet started dancing, then moving to another spot to begin the dancing all over again.
When Cindy decided the spanking was finished, I thanked her, and then we made passionate love, with both sucking, licking, and fucking. Our climaxes were amazing. A few rooms down might have heard them..

Spankings are another enjoment while on vacation

Happy Travels


  1. Great Post Red, my wife and I also wondered who if anyone could hear the spanking in other rooms.
    But the hallway is a different story, especially with the loud report of wood striking bare bottom.

    Always nice, the way you make one feel they are there.

    Glad the aftermath was so good for you both.


  2. Hi Red,

    It's great to have an indoor activity to fall back on when sightseeing gets tedious.


  3. James; Anyone walking outside the room would have heard. The fun was worth it.

    Hermione: never found sightseeing tedious, unless in a large group with a guide.. Indoor, or quiet outdoor spots are great places to be spanked, or spank someone.

    Happy spankings


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