Cindy takes her turn OTK

Many recent spankings to report, just for the fun of it. However, readers might be more interested in the following turn of events.You probably understand that the temperature gets a tad warm where we live in the summer. Thus, we have air conditioning installed (i know it is expensive), besides fans. Cindy likes to take superhot showers, so the bathroom gets very foggy (humid). We have a fan in the ceiling that sucks the air out of the room and pushes it outside. Obviously, this draws air into the room from elsewhere in the house.

I went out on a few errands the other day, while Cindy was in the shower. Returning home after three hours, I heard a noise in the house beyond the regular fans, and found that the shower fan had been left on for the last three hours. I was quite incensed, as the electricity bills are high enough, without trying to air condition the outside by venting all the cool air from our house.

I stated to Cindy in a strong manner that she should be spanked!!!!!!!!! Cindy said No. I countered with the fact that when she has spanked me for a disciplinary reason, I have almost always responded by eliminating the type of action that precipitated a spanking. Cindy agreed that spankings have been quite successful.

Cindy, however, stated that your blog states consensual and I do not consent.I countered that being spanked would truly remind her to turn the venting fan off, just like spanking has reminded me to do things more thoughtfully.

I sated that she should be spanked, and that meant 20 spanks with my hand and 10 with the hairbrush. Cindy stated : No, 10 with the hand and no hair brush...

AHA!!!!!!!!!!!! She was agreeing that this was a strong enough reason for a spanking. She could at any time have simply stated, yes , that sounds reasonable, and as I do not feel like being spanked at the moment, you will take the spanking for me.

I countered ten with the bare hand, and five with the hairbrush. Cindy countered with four with the hair brush.

I agreed. Cindy dithered, but I said that you have already consented, and took her hand leading her to our bedroom and the spanking chair.

Cindy stated : Not hard spanks, but I countered that she has to feel them to remember them.Cindy stood by the chair while I retrieved the wooden hair brush. I then sat on the chair, and slowly lowered Cindy's shorts and then her panties, while lecturing just a little about how she will remember this spanking and the reason for it.I patted my knee, like Cindy does, and she lowered herself over my knees. Loving every moment of this, I slowly positioned her a little, and asked if she was comfortable, so that her arms were not hurting, etc...She responded that she was fine.

I repeated the reason for the spanking, and then started spanking with my hand. four rapid spanks, two to each cheek, had Cindy owwwing, and a nice redness appear on her bottom. I then asked how many was that, and she quite emphatically stated FOUR.

I then slowly gave four more spanks, and Cindy ouched her way through them. I asked if she was learning her lesson, and she stated yes.Two strong hand spanks to finish, and Cindy stayed in place while I reached for the wooden hair brush. Cindy stated halfheartedly " that you don't have to use that', but I responded it was time she knew a little more of how it felt.i readjusted her position a little for my enjoyment, and then used the brush for four good smacks across the middle of her bottom, with accompanying ooohh from Cindy.Cindy's bottom displayed a nice shade of red, as I massaged it a little for her and for myself..

Cindy stood up, and with a stern look from me, " thanked me for spanking her". I then pulled Cindy gently to sit on my lap, and we cuddled, and quickly moved to extremely passionate kissing.We then moved to the bed, where Cindy aggressively sexually attacked me (so to speak), by first passionately sucking and licking my cock... and then I reciprocated equally passionately with her pussy, and then moving on to fantastic intercourse. We both had amazing climaxes!

We both lay in each others arms, and murmured our love for each other. The spanking had been an arousing foreplay, with benefits.

The spanking was consensual, and I believe their will be a greater frequency of Cindy being spanked in our future.

Happy Spankings
PS: follow-up the next day gives further proof to con-sensuality of our spankings


Hermione said...

I think it's interesting how you and Cindy negotiated the numbers and the implements. Truly consensual and - I hope - sensual as well.


senorrose4 said...

Very good!! Butt will she remember the choice between "hot fan" or "hot fanny" the next TIME??


I enjoy your blog!!!!!

Red said...

Hermione: Real spanks, and fabulously sensual...
Bob: excellent.. I will ask if she now knows the difference between a hot fan and a hot fanny. love it. and glad yo like the blog. I enjoy it, and I love comments from readers
happy spankings