Cindy takes her turn OTK

Many recent spankings to report, just for the fun of it. However, readers might be more interested in the following turn of events.You probably understand that the temperature gets a tad warm where we live in the summer. Thus, we have air conditioning installed (i know it is expensive), besides fans. Cindy likes to take superhot showers, so the bathroom gets very foggy (humid). We have a fan in the ceiling that sucks the air out of the room and pushes it outside. Obviously, this draws air into the room from elsewhere in the house.

I went out on a few errands the other day, while Cindy was in the shower. Returning home after three hours, I heard a noise in the house beyond the regular fans, and found that the shower fan had been left on for the last three hours. I was quite incensed, as the electricity bills are high enough, without trying to air condition the outside by venting all the cool air from our house.

I stated to Cindy in a strong manner that she should be spanked!!!!!!!!! Cindy said No. I countered with the fact that when she has spanked me for a disciplinary reason, I have almost always responded by eliminating the type of action that precipitated a spanking. Cindy agreed that spankings have been quite successful.

Cindy, however, stated that your blog states consensual and I do not consent.I countered that being spanked would truly remind her to turn the venting fan off, just like spanking has reminded me to do things more thoughtfully.

I sated that she should be spanked, and that meant 20 spanks with my hand and 10 with the hairbrush. Cindy stated : No, 10 with the hand and no hair brush...

AHA!!!!!!!!!!!! She was agreeing that this was a strong enough reason for a spanking. She could at any time have simply stated, yes , that sounds reasonable, and as I do not feel like being spanked at the moment, you will take the spanking for me.

I countered ten with the bare hand, and five with the hairbrush. Cindy countered with four with the hair brush.

I agreed. Cindy dithered, but I said that you have already consented, and took her hand leading her to our bedroom and the spanking chair.

Cindy stated : Not hard spanks, but I countered that she has to feel them to remember them.Cindy stood by the chair while I retrieved the wooden hair brush. I then sat on the chair, and slowly lowered Cindy's shorts and then her panties, while lecturing just a little about how she will remember this spanking and the reason for it.I patted my knee, like Cindy does, and she lowered herself over my knees. Loving every moment of this, I slowly positioned her a little, and asked if she was comfortable, so that her arms were not hurting, etc...She responded that she was fine.

I repeated the reason for the spanking, and then started spanking with my hand. four rapid spanks, two to each cheek, had Cindy owwwing, and a nice redness appear on her bottom. I then asked how many was that, and she quite emphatically stated FOUR.

I then slowly gave four more spanks, and Cindy ouched her way through them. I asked if she was learning her lesson, and she stated yes.Two strong hand spanks to finish, and Cindy stayed in place while I reached for the wooden hair brush. Cindy stated halfheartedly " that you don't have to use that', but I responded it was time she knew a little more of how it felt.i readjusted her position a little for my enjoyment, and then used the brush for four good smacks across the middle of her bottom, with accompanying ooohh from Cindy.Cindy's bottom displayed a nice shade of red, as I massaged it a little for her and for myself..

Cindy stood up, and with a stern look from me, " thanked me for spanking her". I then pulled Cindy gently to sit on my lap, and we cuddled, and quickly moved to extremely passionate kissing.We then moved to the bed, where Cindy aggressively sexually attacked me (so to speak), by first passionately sucking and licking my cock... and then I reciprocated equally passionately with her pussy, and then moving on to fantastic intercourse. We both had amazing climaxes!

We both lay in each others arms, and murmured our love for each other. The spanking had been an arousing foreplay, with benefits.

The spanking was consensual, and I believe their will be a greater frequency of Cindy being spanked in our future.

Happy Spankings
PS: follow-up the next day gives further proof to con-sensuality of our spankings


SuperMan and Prince Valiant

Continuing our superhero spankers, today brings you Prince Valiant and Superman.

Prince Valiant was not to be outdone by others
An idea about supermanbut some(or is that all) of the ladies enjoyed it.
Happy Spankings



Here is a link for more spanking in comic books


Tinkerbell has always been naughtyThis woman did not appreciate superman's efforts on her behalf
play amongst friends
and any naughty bunny
can enjoy being spanked by bugs bunny

Happy Spankings


fun photos

I wonder if we can get this show in the USA. Those lovely Canadians are back to their interesting ways.
Another great site to visit, is solely pictures and commentsthe site is titled http://queentakesknight.tumblr.com
Their are many enticing picturesand artwork.and things to ponder as to what is about to occur....
of course, reddening those pear likes cheeks is a wonderful way to keep them toned.
So, a little trip to the woodshed
and a nice wooden paddle
will keep a woman's bottom well shaped and toned, and delightfully red without the damaging rays of the sun.
The first four pieces of art are from the site, wheres the last three are from other sites.


Batman and Cat woman and one loving husband

Batman presents today's spankingsBatman seems to be having things well in hand
and batwoman has also felt his loving caress.but it also appears that Cat woman has the last word in this tale of spanked tails.

but maybe not..
ENDART had this take on the superheroes..

and now we know why the JOKER always has so much funexcept maybe this loving husband is the way to go
Happy spankings


spanking and sex

I should make it perfectly clear that we enjoy making love, and that a spanking does not occur every time we make love.

In addition, we many times have a few spanks, without any sexual follow-up except some saucy fondling or kissing or a quick lick or suck, and sometimes a number of on the spot spanks of a harder nature solving a minor disagreement.However, as this blog is about spanking, then I focus on occasions where spanking occurs, or spanking and sex occurs, but not when sex occurs on its own.

Late last week, had us returning to the scenario of spanking. You might have noticed that this blog had been filled with other items, as opposed to spanking in our life. My bottom also noted the lack of spanking that had occurred recently.

I imagine many readers have experienced that regular weekly or bi/weekly spanking makes your bottom a little less tender, so that the spanks do not sink inwards as easily.

Thus, when Cindy announced that maybe a little spanking and sex might be a good idea, I was both delighted and dismayed just a tad.

We walked into our bedroom, and after a little thought, Cindy suggested I retrieve the bath brush. (yikes!) Cindy sat in her (now) favorite chair, and after retrieving the brush, I handed it to her. Cindy put the bath brush on the floor, and looked at my clothes and nodded. This is a signal to remove my shorts and underwear. Cindy commented on my erection as I lowered my underwear, and gave it a loving caress and a little kiss.

"Too bad this is going to disappear", she said. I replied that it will return to life later. Cindy smiled, and patted her knee, the signal that I should lower myself over her knees. Cindy very adeptly placed my erection between her thighs, and commented how good it feels, giving a few squeezes with her thighs to foretell things to come.A hand spanking first occurred, and Cindy is quite excellent using her hand. She definitely heats up the target quickly, and uses some glancing spanks that somehow are harder than straight on spanks. Maybe there is more speed in the arc of the arm and hand, but I certainly can tell the difference. She also uses different combinations of her palm, or fingers, or entire hand making the next spank always unknown, for both location and effect.Having remarked how red my bottom was getting, Cindy stated that it was time to use the bath brush that I had so kindly retrieved for her. She patted it against her palm for a moment, and that usually portends a harsher application, as she is being certain that she will get wrist action into each spank.A rapid strong flourish to start, had my feet dancing in no time. Cindy paused, and remarked " well that was certainly effective", and then proceeded to do slow spanks alternating cheeks, and wandering onto the back of my legs just below the crease. Those are extremely memorable.Then, a return to harder quick spanks on one spot, until my feet were once again dancing, and then moving to another spot to re-start my movements to the beat of the bath brush.

When Cindy stopped, my bottom was quite on fire! I was permitted to stand up, and thanked Cindy for the spanking. Cindy stood up, and we caressed and kissed, and fondled each other. Cindy was already wet from a few moments of fondling, meaning that the moisture had long since started while the spanking was happening. I sprang back to life below the waist as we moved to the bed to make passionate love. Our climaxes were extremely powerful.

Spanking is arousing for both of us, and is an erotic slow moving foreplay, well slow moving except maybe for my feet dancing.

Happy Spankings


superhero spankers The Spirit and the Phantom

Thought i would just post a few superheroes drawings....

Maybe you liked the SPIRIT's way of handling a situation
whereas the PHANTOM was a serial spanker

Happy spankings


Tragedy in Norway

We offer our sympathies and condolences to the people of Norway!

The unspeakable horror that occurred saddens everyone.



NJSPANK's fantasy becomes real

NJSpank. I will not be too graphic but I think the message will be clear.

Real life story:

We planned a weekend away to explore some of our spanking fantasies. My partner and I have been into the scene now for over one year. We go slowly but decided to try a weekend of fun and some personal exploration. Well the scenes were set but I had a bit of a life changing event happen the day before we were leaving. Nothing horrible but tough. We decided to go anyway but the fantasy was off as we both agreed.

After a nice day and evening of talking and discussing the event we enjoyed a nice dinner and some very satisfying time that night. No spanking involved.

Again the next day was spent together with some nice exercise and the like. We talked the event through all it's element. We were sitting quietly when my partner suggested I check her suit case and if I did not come back in ten minutes and I was up for it, she would come to the room.Simply put, in her suit case were two pair of white, silky panties and her brush! I thought for a moment but since she made the suggestion, I did not go back down. Well my partner caught me red handed wearing one pair and holding the other panty. This was my fantasy.She was furious that one of her "students" was caught going through the girls locker room stealing panties. She marched me into the room by the ear, sat in a straight back chair, lowered the panty I had on and place me over her lap. The principal then gave me a very long but easy hand spanking on the bare bottom. She then made me go get her brush and change into the other panty. She put me back over her knee and brushed me easy but long over the panty. I then had to change and get back over her knee. She made me hold the other pair and then brushed me long and extremely hard until I was screaming! She spanked me as hard as we ever did together. Was incredible.

From there, need to be discrete but I was told to leave the panty on and service her until satisfaction of her only. I am sure you know what I mean. Then I was told to lay over her lap and she again spanked me with her hand now, lightly over the panty until I satisfied myself into the panty!!!Our mutual passion followed quickly after clean up!!!

Thanks NJ, for sharing with all my readers. Any other events you would like to share would be greatly appreciated.

Any other spankers or spankees out there who do not have a blog to share their story can always send it to me privately so that I can post for everyone!

Happy Spankings