you lead and i will follow

Well, this is actually a posting that you did not expect...I think some might say the words represent a double entendre.

My meaning for this post is that stat counter is quite amazing, in that it shows me how people get to my blog.Many people are regular readers, and they type the url to get directly here. To all these regular readers, my humble thanks. It is fun to know other people enjoy what I am doing, in between the spankings that occur in our lives, and my publicizing the idea that spankings are a wonderful method to solve problems and allow the love to shine through in a relationship. I wish a few more would comment about spankings in their life, but I am happy for you to drop by without commenting.
Another method of getting here is via a link from another spanking related blog, but many are from searches that people make. Bonnie has posted about strange searches, but I believe the search engines are constantly improving.

So, for today, I will post something that I found by following the links:

Spanking your man

You may have many reasons to spank your man . You might be looking to spice up your life. You might want to gain control of a obnoxious man. You may be tired of his lazy ways. Every women will have a different reason to start spanking the man in her life. The end result is always the same . You will have a more loyal respectful man . Your man will be more in love with you than ever before. Your man will be more attentive to you needs than his own.

You will have a feeling of power and control . You will be more self confident. You will relieve stress from your self as well as him . You will be able to get over arguments much faster and you will always come out winning that argument . What ever your reason may be you will benefit from spanking your man .I will list some of the best methods and tools .

I personally think a good old fashioned hair brush is the best tool . I am talking about a big flat wooden hairbrush not a modern day plastic one. you can still buy the old fashioned ones in stores . You can also find them in second hand stores and the ones you will find in there will probably already have some mileage from spanking on them . This brush will be your best tool becasue it is easy to handle.It is very sufficient for spanking . After he is used to getting spanked by you it can be placed on the mantle every time he sees it he will be reminded of what its for . When you have company your visitors will know they are in a women controlled home. to you it will be a trophy

How a spanking should be delivered .

To me the most effective way would be over your knee . He needs to be placed over your knee there are several ways of doing this no matter how small you are or how large he is . once he is over your knees he should be spoken to. As the spanking begins you will need to focus your swats dead center of the cheek , a few good swats with a nice rhythm. Alternate from cheek to cheek .Take a moment to rub the back of the brush across his bottom while you explain why he is being punished . Then proceed with some more spanking . Do not worry about his bottom turning red as that is the goal here and if it is become red it is becoming more sensitive and your getting through to him At this time he may become very aroused this is normal especially for a first timer . If this happens be sure to be verbal about it and sort of tease him about being aroused . you can proceed as long as you like . Some women like to continue until the man begins to cry a little this will happen with even the toughest of men. Spanking your man will give your marriage a whole new outlook. You will have a new spark ignited . You may not enjoy doing it at first but as you see the benefits roll in you will learn to love it and start looking for reasons to spank him .

I do not believe enough women are aware of the benefits of spanking so please pass the info on to your friends and family .

i have recently found a website from Jacqueline Omerta. She has a wonderful website that has lots of information on this. Safe ways of doing this. Positions and all the info you would need to become the Spanking boss in your home. Her website is www.womenwhospankmen.com it is a wonderful site to see .

I would like you to leave your thoughts and stories on here so other women can become educated on this. Many marriages have been saved and corrected and even enhanced from the women becoming the spanker . The male has always been improved by spanking . Spanking a male takes away his stress , motivates him in and out of the home. Gives him more desire to please his wife.

what are your experiences?

If you click on this link, you will see some comments from people professing to use spanking in their relationship...and do remember, as Audrey is showing,

that woman also benefit from being spanked, regularly, or occasionally, depending on your relationship...

here are some examples of other searches...
www.google.co.ukhappy to be spanked


www.google.comspanked husband kissing feet

www.google.comspank my husband blog photos

www.google.comusing spankings to force husband to lose weight

www.google.comfun fm sex spankings

So search away, and thus I find more interesting material to post.
Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your posts, and all these great pics... mmm!
Love the woman smiling, wearing the black shirt! What a great attitude!! :D

Anonymous said...

Great find, thanks I'll be visiting these sites as time permits.
I'll also be blogging sometime today about the hard paddling I got last night. Hope you stop by and read it.

Thanks for all you hard work finding these.


Red said...

Weave: thanks for the comment. Glad you like the content.
James: I will drop by soon to hear of your comeuppance.
Neat word comeuppance, but probably should comedownpants.