superior women

My fascination with tumblr is that it consists of so many pictures, that can let your imagination roam. Nicely, they reblog photos that they like, and almost always have a link to where the photo comes from. Thus, you can easily go to the site of any picture that tweaks your interest, and then see what they have on that blog, ad infinitum..
Unfortunately, i do not record where i get pictures from normally.Thus, here is a link to a site of women posed in positions that are very powerful, with equally attractively devastating looks.
One detraction is that many photos have the woman smoking, and I believe that is unfortunate.
The description that the person who owns this site gives to many of the pictures are extreme, maybe too extreme for many readers. However, I simply take it as fantasy, and just enjoy many of the pictures.http://superior-women.tumblr.com/
All photos in this posting are from the site.cheers


  1. OK now you've gone and done it, I'll have to ask for a good hard spanking, and then drop to my knees. Jeeeesh Red how could you do this to me, you know throw me in the briar patch, LMAO!!

  2. Wow, very hot especially the first one but would prefer she had a nice brush in her hands.



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