Should wives be spanked

I thought you might like looking at these articles from yesteryear.

Many many female blogger friends would say " bring it on"
So, I happily post a few photos of women being spanked
A delightful chore for any man!!!
Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, thank you.

Not only wives but husbands as well.

Very hot, thanks

ronnie said...

Simple answer, yes everyday LOL.

Thanks Red.


Hermione said...

LOL - that's a silly question. Of course they should!


Red said...

Njspank: The good old days, when one could actually purchase this magazine in a store. Imagine the fuss if it was on the magazine rack at every food store checkout.
Ronnie and Hermione: I thought this would be your reply. I would love to have a copy of this magazine... What a conversation started if you left it on the coffee table.

Anonymous said...

I also can't imagine this magazine in a store today! I think wives should be spanked, but only if she likes it. If my husband spanked me everyday, I'd be thrilled. As a wife, I'm into it more than he is. Why is that? Men raised to never strike a woman is an issue. However, he has come to the plate and done a good job of it when I want and need one. He can dish it out, just wish it were way more than he does. It leads to great sex too. I vote for everyday.

Red said...

anon: I think you should tell him this, instead of telling us... I have at times walked into the room where Cindy is with a bath brush, and asked her to spank me... and she has always done so, if not immediately, then as soon as possible later in the day
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